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The Best in the World – Got2Globe Portfolio

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The Earthly and the Celestial

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life outside

View of Fa Island, Tonga, Last Polynesian Monarchy
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Exotic Signs of Life

ice tunnel, black gold route, Valdez, Alaska, USA
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Sensations vs Impressions

Sunset, Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

days like so many others

trip around the world, symbol of wisdom illustrated in a window at Inari airport, Finnish Lapland
Around the World - Part 1

Traveling Brings Wisdom. Find out how to travel around the world.

The Earth turns on itself every day. In this series of articles, you will find indispensable clarifications and advice for those who make a point of going around it at least once in their life.
Bathers in the middle of the End of the World-Cenote de Cuzamá, Mérida, Mexico
Yucatan, Mexico

The End of the End of the World

The announced day passed but the End of the World insisted on not arriving. In Central America, today's Mayans watched and put up with incredulity all the hysteria surrounding their calendar.