About 15 years ago, there was a drastic change in the panorama of Mexican airlines with the entry into the scene of several low-cost which broke the former dominance of Mexicana and Aeroméxico. From then on, domestic flight tickets have substantially decreased in price. Today, the main companies operating nationwide are:

AeromarAeroMexico and Aeromexico ConnectMagnichartersInterjetVolarisVivaAerobus.


Mexico has developed an acceptable road network that is traversed by various types of buses. Almost all major cities have terminals that receive long-distance buses. Depending on their quality, these are divided into Deluxe (De Lujo, also called Ejecutivos) Home e Away classes. 

Deluxe rooms have tinted windows, fully reclining seats with space between them, air conditioning, quality TVs and on-board bathroom. They only stop once or twice along the way, sometimes not even that. Accordingly, they charge the highest prices, from €4 to €7 or €8 per hour, the latter being for really special buses and services.

buses from Home  they include guaranteed seats for each passenger that are relatively reclining, as well as air conditioning, a bathroom and TVs that show movies right in front of the passengers. They cost around €3 for each hour of travel. 

already those of Away they function essentially between smaller towns or even towns. They are slower than the previous ones and stop more often. Depending on the companies that operate them, they can be modern but also old relics. They will be about 20% cheaper than those of Home but in certain states they are also at greater risk of being assaulted by bandits. And, as much as the federal government and the state-owned companies try to fight them, Mexico has too long and too frequent a history of these misfortunes. 

There are still the microbuses small 25-seater buses, normally new but considered to be equivalent to a second class, provide connections between nearby towns.

And finally, the collectives, a kind of microbuses that can either be relics with VW Combis or more modern models. They only depart for round trips to nearby towns when they are full or, in the best case, when the driver thinks the number of passengers is sufficient.


It is more expensive than renting in Europe and the United States but simple to do either online or over the counter. Mexican rent-a-cars accept drivers from 21 years old and up to 24 years old, subject to payment of an extra fee. All drivers must present a driving license from their own country, passport and credit card. 

Expect to pay a minimum of €30 per day for a small utility vehicle, including insurance and unlimited kilometers. To get lower prices, rent online in advance, for periods of a week or longer, and avoid renting at airport agencies. The agencies that you will find more easily all over Mexico are the usual multinationals.

Carefully check the safety of each place you plan to travel. Wherever you are, it is important to avoid traveling in the most dangerous states in the country (mentioned in Health and Safety) and, wherever you are, at night. Even if it costs you, drive as much as possible on toll roads. 

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