How to go


Portuguese citizens do not need a visa for tourist visits for up to 90 days. Brazilian citizens must apply for a visa at the nearest Japanese embassy.


Japan does not require visitors to have vaccinations or record-worthy procedures. As you will soon see, the Japanese have public and personal care almost obsessed with hygiene and health.

For more information on traveling health, see the Health Portal of the Ministry of Health and Tropical and Traveler Medicine Clinic. In FitForTravel find country-specific health and disease prevention advice (in English).


Fly to Tokyo, Kansai or Osaka with the TAP (tel.: 707 205 700) and the JAL, via Madrid or Barcelona from €800. 

The most important and convenient airports for traveling to Japan are:

Honshu Island: ​Narita (Tokyo), Kansai, near Osaka but serving the entire region including Kyoto. 

Other important international airports in Honshu are Nagoya, north of Osaka, Niigata and Sendai, in the north of Honshu island, south of Honshu is also served by Hiroshima. 

Hokkaido: Sapporo.

Kyushu: Fukuoka and Hiroshima. 

Okinawa Archipelago (in the sub-tropical zone of Japan) : Naha