Money and costs

The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). But due to the instability that affects Libra, most of the big hotels and resorts, as well as tour agencies, the Abela company that manages the sleeper trains and many other businesses only accept US dollars or euros. ATMs continue to increase in number day by day, allowing travelers to use their cards more often. Credit card payments are also very popular in high-end tourism establishments. Egypt is a very accessible country. An undemanding visitor with comfort and refinement and with a very controlled budget can travel in Egypt for as little as €25 to €30 per day, with the highest expenses he will face being entrance fees to numerous historical attractions.


As you would expect, there is accommodation of all types in Egypt since hostels from almost free backpackers to the much more expensive 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts in Luxor, Aswan or the Red Sea resorts, Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. Expect to pay from €6 to €10 per night for an air-conditioned double room in Cairo, up to many hundreds of euros a night at the best international chain hotels in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. 


Among the essential dishes are ful medames, ta'miya, koshary, taagin. Just like with accommodation, you'll find almost free meals in restaurants almost only frequented by locals – €1 to €4 full meal – to others with prices made intermediate by the frequent presence of foreign travelers – €4 to €20 – and, at the top of the tops, the restaurants of the finest hotels and resorts of international chains, between €20 and €200 or more per meal.


It became popular, fueled the Arab Spring revolution centered on Tahrir Square and is available in most tourist places, whether in hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants or in internet cafes that charge from €0,20 to €1 depending on the price. location and available speed. Companies like furniture, Vodafone Egypt e Etisalat market SIM cards that can be used in smart phones, tablets and pens (USB sticks) connected to laptops. These solutions avoid exaggerated costs of roaming .