Money and costs

The US currency is the US Dollar (USD). ATMs are plentiful throughout most of the country. Credit card payments are commonplace throughout the territory.


There is absolutely everything in the United States but the most widespread types of accommodation across the country are the motel and the business hotel. You'll find them everywhere – especially along roadsides and highways – some identified by very high neon signs, visible from a long distance. They can cost from €20 to €150 per night depending on the place, the season and if there is an important event nearby.

Os business hotels are in full expansion across all states. They have intermediate prices between motels and conventional hotels. They are also very common along the highways.

Hotels are more common in central areas of cities than motels and business hotels. They are more expensive but also offer more comfort and more services. More affordable accommodation, usually for young people, also emerges in the US as hostels and youth-hostels, many of them affiliated with organizations such as the American Youth Hostel. Stay in these hostels costs between €10 to €50 per night in a double room, depending on the city and time of year.

Outside the cities and especially in coastal and rural areas, numerous B&Bs (Bed & Breakfasts) appear in country houses adapted for hotel functions. They can cost from €50 to €500 per night, as the name implies, with breakfast included in the price.

These and other areas will likely be equipped with several campsites that welcome customers in tents or, often, in their own RV's. They cost between €5 to €25 per car.


In the capitalist homeland of fast and junk food the restaurants almost they are practically everywhere and give access to very affordable meals – €3,50 to €6 a full Big Mac-style menu depending on the place – but with the nutritional defects that are usually pointed out to them.

Apart from this type of food and similar, in certain cities but not only, it is possible to find restaurants with cuisines from almost all over the world, either serving meals at the table or buffets it's from takeout.

One level above the restaurants fast food, are the fast casual where the food is of substantially better quality, freshly prepared at prices ranging from €5 to €9.

Like many of the previous restaurants, the dinners appear on the side of roads but also in big cities. They are also open 24 hours a day and are priced higher than those of fast food fast casual, with full meals easily reaching €10 to €20.

In US restaurants that are more sophisticated than those before, it is likely that you can find more refined meals, including high quality fresh fish and meat, elaborate salads, wine lists from around the world, etc. etc. Expect to pay €20 to €50 per meal in the most affordable. In the really exclusive and upgrade, 50€ may not even pay the entrance fees.


As is well known, few countries are more technological. You will almost certainly find free internet in all types of accommodation, in countless cafes, public libraries and even in entire areas of the main cities. It is also possible to buy sticks USB (pens) from various brands to have internet with you where to take your laptop.

Longer and more complex contracts with major operators can still prove complicated due to the requirement for a US social security number.