There are dozens of airlines operating throughout the United States. The main ones are:

United, US Airways, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines (East coast and Florida), Republic airways, Jet Blue (non-stop connections between West and East coast cities) Frontier Airlines, American Airlines, Air Trans.

Prices depend on distance and time of year. In the main domain of capitalism, competition, the huge flow of flights and passengers means that domestic flights in the United States are very competitively priced.


the national company AmTrak manages a rail network very comprehensive that with the complement of Amtrak ThruWay buses, it establishes strategic connections to urban centers, national parks and other strategic points in the country. At the prices of flights in the United States, travel by train will rarely be the quickest and cheapest solution, but there are other possible advantages, such as the possibility of enjoying the scenery and socializing on board. 


They will rarely be considered a more economical and practical option compared to flights, but, like the train, they allow you to contemplate the scenarios and encourage conviviality. THE Greyhound is the company with the most itineraries in the US


If you want to leave the biggest cities and explore the surrounding states, renting a car is almost mandatory. The United States has an inexhaustible, highly competitive and technological supply of rental vehicles. Look for the best prices on the internet before you travel to avoid paying service fees and other costs at airport counters. As a general rule, the daily price for small cars ranges from €25 to €40, depending on the time of year. Weekly or longer rentals can run from €140 to €240, usually with unlimited mileage.

Other vehicles widely used in the US are RVs, large caravans that benefit from infrastructure spread across the country to accommodate them. As is logical, RV's are priced much higher than small utility vehicles and consume fuel in almost industrial doses.

Fuel is significantly cheaper in the United States than in most of Europe and tolls on the country's roads are rare. Most companies require the driver to be over 25 years old, have a valid driver's license and a valid credit card with a value available as a deposit. Some companies rent to drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 for an extra fee.