Money and costs

The local currency is the Chilean Peso (CLP). Payments with the most popular credit and debit cards are possible in the most modern establishments, especially in the largest towns.


The scope ranges from inns and guest houses (hospedajes) for backpackers, with a daily rate of 20€ in a double room, to sophisticated resorts located in the most touristic places in the country, such as the Explora chain, where 4 days with all-inclusive can cost 3 or 4 thousand euros.


Meals from €3 or €4 in traditional market stalls and restaurants to hundreds of euros in the most sophisticated restaurants in Santiago.


Even taking into account its size, endless latitude and vast remote territory, Chile is served by a very acceptable Internet network with Internet houses even in the smallest towns. The price for navigation ranges from €1.50 to €3 per hour. The further away from large towns and especially the further south, the slower the Internet.