When to go

The long and narrow Chile extends over a wide latitude. As such, it has different weather patterns, from north to south. Norte Grande and Norte Chico: despite being desert or semi-desert, these regions and, in particular, the Atacama Desert, present moderate average temperatures, from 15ºC to 23ºC. Bear in mind, however, that the higher areas near the Andean mountain range and the border with Argentina can be much cooler. Central Chile and Los Lagos District: it is summer in this area and to the south, from December to February. The wettest season is from May to August. Chiloe, Aisen, Magallanes and Tierra del Fuego: visit only during late spring, summer and early autumn if you don't want to suffer from temperatures well below 0ºC, winds, rains and/or lashing and incessant snow. Even during these periods, it is not guaranteed that you will always feel comfortable.