Money and costs

Cape Verde's currency is the Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE). Euro and US Dollar are also currently accepted. The main Cape Verdean cities and even smaller towns have bank branches, as a rule, with ATMs that allow withdrawals with bank cards. These agencies also exchange currency, travelers checks and make cash advances. Only the most sophisticated establishments in the country – the best resorts and hotels – are prepared for credit card payments.


Cape Verde has relatively expensive accommodation by African standards.

You can find a more affordable and spartan stay in the simplest hotels and inns, for around €15 in a double room with shared bathroom, possibly without hot water. On a higher level, average quality hotels charge from €25 for a night in a double room with private bathroom, air conditioning and hot water. 

If you show up at the counter of one of the Sal or Boavista resorts without the previously purchased travel package, you can prepare to pay from €70 per night with at least breakfast included. 


Meals in Cape Verdean restaurants are based on national dishes such as the famous cachupa but also on simple grilled fish or fried meat dishes accompanied by rice or xarem. Expect to pay between €4 to €15 for a full meal at one of these restaurants.

Meals at the best hotels or resorts not included in travel packages will have substantially higher prices.


There are Internet cafes in the main cities of Cape Verde and even in other towns. As a rule, the Internet is slow. If you arrive in Cape Verde as part of a travel package, the resorts or hotel you are staying at will have access included, almost certainly wi-fi.

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