How to go


A visa can be obtained on arrival. Diplomatic and service passports are visa free. 

More information on Cape Verde page of the Portuguese Communities Portal.


Cape Verdean authorities may require a yellow fever vaccination certificate to visitors over 1 year of age who come from countries at risk of transmitting the disease, or who have spent more than 12 hours at airports in those countries.

It is advisable to vaccinate or boost vaccines against Hepatitis A, typhoid and tetanus.

In Cape Verde, there are sporadic cases of dengue and malaria. At the time this guide was created, there had been no reported case of Ebola in Cape Verde.

For more information on traveling health, see the Health Portal of the Ministry of Health and Tropical and Traveler Medicine Clinic. In FitForTravel find country-specific health and disease prevention advice (in English).


You can purchase a travel program suited to the time you have and the style of preferred experiences with the specialized agency in Cape Verde, the soltropic.

A TAP and TACV fly regularly from Lisbon and other destinations to the capital Praia, also to Mindelo, in São Vicente, to the island of Sal and to Boavista, for starting at €250 round trip.