A TACV and Cape Verde Express they serve all inhabited islands except Brava. You can also opt for the TACV Air Pass, a pass that allows you to fly on all TACV routes. It must be purchased abroad and after purchasing a TACV international ticket to Cape Verde.


There are boat connections between all the inhabited islands of the archipelago. Depending on the number of inhabitants of each island – and, as such, the potential passengers – the frequency of trips can be quite different. Due to adverse sea conditions, connections can be suspended or suffer long delays, up to several days.

Companies that manage ferry services include:


Djalo and Macedo:

Tphone: +238 261 34 41...                                                                       

CSA – Cape Verde Shipping Agency, Lda

Telephone: +238 261 11 78                                                                   

Polar – Agência Marítima de Navegação, Ltd.

Telephone: +238 261 52 23                 

More information on www.bela-vista.net/ferry.aspx


It is possible to rent a car on several islands but only three of them have dimensions and roads that justify a considerable expense. São Boavista, Santiago and Fogo. Cape Verdean roads are largely unpaved and very precarious. As such, it is advisable to hire a vehicle with four-wheel drive. 

At the time this guide was created, we had not detected any car rental company with a presence in the main rent-a-car search engines. The biggest company was Alucar with offices in Sal and São Vicente, but it is likely that several others have since appeared on the larger islands of the archipelago. Count on prices from €40 per day with everything included. 


Cape Verde's largest cities are served by a good fleet of taxis. As a rule, journeys are inexpensive, between €1 and €5, depending on the urban distance. The case changes if you want to explore one of the islands by taxi. In this case, expect to pay between €30 to €50 for a few hours and double or triple for full-day services.


Are popular in Cape Verde, the gaps, vans or vans that Cape Verdeans misrepresented the name of the famous Toyota model. They are usually old and run through cities and other towns without fixed stops. Pick up and drop off passengers wherever you go. Have become one of the main transports collective on the more urbanized islands. If you use one of these gaps, expect to pay between €0.50 to €3, possibly more if the path urban is longer.