Several airlines operate flights connecting the largest Brazilian cities:  FULL, GolAzul. Competition has caused the prices of the most popular calls to drop considerably. As examples, a one-way flight between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro can cost less than €40. Between Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, the price can be around €50.


It is possible to rent a car at airports and other rent-a-car counters in the main Brazilian cities. Remember, however, that Brazilian roads can be seriously dangerous, due to the lack of quality of infrastructure but above all thanks to the unconscious behavior of drivers. In addition, some parts of the country maintain roads in third-world conditions, as is the case in the hinterland. And that you should keep all windows closed and doors locked when driving in big cities.

Estimate from €25 per day for a cheap car rental. Gasoline costs around €1 per liter. Diesel about €0,70 and alcohol €0,80.


Brazil is covered by an enormous fleet of long-haul buses that only increased as the already scarce trains were being decommissioned. You can find buses to virtually every destination in the country except those lost in the immensity of the Amazon jungle and similar ones.


The entire Amazon region continues to depend on the service of boats that ply the Amazon River, tributaries and effluents. As a rule, trips can be made on deck with a place to extend a hammock (lower price) or in a shared cabin (more expensive). The boat is also the only way to reach several of the islands off the Atlantic coast and to explore parts of the Pantanal.


For all the notices made in relation to car rental, we advise against it as much as possible. the use of motorbikes or bicycles to travel around Brazil. It obviously does not apply to the mere discovery of quiet villages in the interior and similar situations.