Money and costs

The Australian currency is the Australian Dollar (AUD). There are ATMs in the main cities and towns of the state and credit card payments are possible in the most sophisticated establishments. Remember, however, that vast areas of Australia either have no settlements or if they do, they are minimal. It is important not to be fooled by the difference in value between the Euro and the Australian Dollar. Australia is one of those countries where you end up spending more money than you had planned, easily a minimum of €100 to €150 a day, if you don't prepare accommodation and transport in time. Food itself has high prices even in supermarkets in major cities.


A hyper-popular solution in Australia is to combine transport with accommodation by renting a campervan (caravan). Remember that, especially in high season in every Australian region – especially from November to February – the campervans are rented at a hell of a pace. By December, many of the companies that rent them communicate that they have no availability. If treated early enough, you can rent one of these campervans for less than €50 per day that can be split by several people, depending on the size of the vehicle you rent. guest houses e hostels they have a minimum price of €30 in a double room, €12 – €15 per person in a dorm. As a rule, rates at the cheapest hotels start at €50 – €60. In high season, when the accommodation capacity of the most touristic places starts to run out, even the simplest roadside motel charges €80 – €90 per night in a double room. The best hotels and resortsThese are easily priced from €150 – €500 per room.


Australians are used to justifying the exorbitant prices of their food products with the health of the economy aussie, the lack of competition and the vast distances that distributors have to travel. Whatever the main reason, supermarket staples – milk, fruit etc. – cost double, sometimes triple as in Portugal. Any complete meal, no matter how simple, will cost you a minimum of €10.


Most hostels, guest houses, hotels and motels have Wi-fi included on some computers for guest use. If traveling on a campervan you will need to stop at an internet cafe (2€ to 8€ per hour depending on whether you are in a big city or a small town) or in one of the many places with free or semi-free signal, such as the McDonald's chain – where, in principle, will have to consume – or the libraries of major cities.