Australian companies QantasTiger Airways, Virgin Australia e jet star they ensure several connections between major Australian cities prices that fluctuate widely from low to high season.


Rent a car or a good campervan (caravans) and set out to discover. Good 4WD vehicles can prove to be helpful in Australia. They provide safer driving even on tarred roads and allow you to navigate the dirt, sand, rock and mud roads of the Outback Australian.

In terms of costs, even if the car consumes significantly less than the campervan, you either use a good tent or you'll end up spending a lot more due to the costly per diems of Australia's roadside hotels and motels, guest houses and inns. 

The lowest price for car rental is around €20 per day, including insurance and in low season. Prices for caravans equipped to sleep and cook on board start at €40 per day, including insurance. Approximately twice as much if they are 4WD. A jeep costs from €60 per day. In addition to these expenses, gasoline costs almost half of what it costs in Portugal. 


Australia is served by several bus companies. Of these, the predominant Greyhound Australia. Greyhound sells a range of passes including the Central Coaster Pass which covers the east coast between Sydney and Brisbane, priced at around €150 for 90 days of use.

As an alternative to car rental and this type of pass, you can also buy a Hop On Hop Off style ticket. There are several Australian companies that market them, sometimes simultaneously with New Zealand itineraries. They allow you to travel on several buses, leave at one destination and re-enter another bus on the way to the next destination, always with the same ticket and at reduced prices


Another possibility is to enroll in one of the programs of the numerous tour companies which cover the entire Australian territory. Remember if that – as with Hop On Hop Off buses – will travel with a large international entourage. And you will only be able to stop and explore the places covered by the itinerary.