When to go

Australia occupies so much of the Southern Hemisphere that its weather differs greatly from south to north and east to west. If your idea is to visit the south of the island, avoid the months of June to October when you will find these regions facing the Southern Ocean in the middle of winter, with serious cold, lots of rain and even snow in the highlands of New South Wales , Victoria and Tasmania. If you plan to visit the tropical and semi-tropical part of Queensland (north of Brisbane) it is very important to avoid the months of December to April when there is a serious risk of the region being hit by powerful hurricanes (including grade 5) formed on the warm waters of the South Pacific. If you plan to bathe in the best beaches in this region, be aware that many cannot be used from November to May due to the invasion of sea wasps (stingers), which make victims every year. More information at queensland beaches (in English). The other concern you should be aware of when planning your trip to Australia is not to visit northern Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia during the Southeast Asia monsoon season when most of these regions and their roads are under water . The best time to explore them is from May to November.