Must Do's


  • Mele-Maat waterfalls
  • Back to the island in a 4WD
  • ​Port Vila Market

Holy Spirit:

  • Luganville
  • ​​World War II Tour
  • fanafo
  • ​Malo River 
  • Matevulu blue hole
  • Champagne beach
  • Lonnoc beach
  • Big Bay Highway
  • Trekking to the top of Pico Santo


  • Yasur Volcano
  • ​Imayo waterfall
  • John Frum Village (Sulphur Bay)
  • Port Resolution
  • Lanakel
  • Tribal villages of Yakel and Ipai


  • Dog's Head Hiking
  • old cannibal places
  • Aop beach 
  • Market on Wala Island (only when cruises arrive in the vicinity)
  • Walk from Rose Bay to the ex-cannibal village of Botko
  • ​Dances kastom Small Nambas and Big Nambas (Rano, Amelboas, Botko, Unmet, Mae etc.)
  • Uripiv and Uri Islands
  • Maskelynes Archipelago

Pentecost Island

  • Ceremonial jumping ceremonies naghol 
  • ​Fabulous black sand beaches
  • Penama Day (September 15)


  • Hiking to Marum and Benbow Volcanoes
  • Back to My Roots Festival (August)
  • Lolibulo and its shows kastom rom and of magic
  • North Coast Boat Trip from Craig Cove​