Money and costs

The currency of Uzbekistan is the sum (UZS). Uzbekistan is considered a very accessible country. There are some functional ATMs in Tashkent. At the time of this text, the most that could be achieved in other banks - NBU - were cash advances very disadvantageous against presenting credit cards, or discounting traveler checks. 


There are enough hotels in the country to meet current tourist demand. In historic cities such as Bukhara and Khiva, the most appealing are secular buildings adapted from old madrassas. Without the sophistication or comfort of the best hotels in other parts of the world, they provide stays that are truly historic experiences. Bear in mind, however, that the most reputable hotels of this type charge the highest rates for stays in the country, €100 to €150 in high season, per double room, per night.

Alternatively, there are hotels and small inns of a more urban nature with affordable accommodation prices. Another popular form of accommodation all over the country is campsites. yurts, large typical tents lined up with smaller ones which, in total, can accommodate dozens of people. Expect to pay around €45 to €60 per person per night with meals and camel rides included

The most famous are:

Nurata Yurt Camp, about 500 km, 7 hours drive from Tashkent

Ayaz Kala Yurt Camp, about 100 km from Khiva, 70 km from Urgench

Aydar Yurt Camp, in the Navoi region, in the heart of the Kyzyl Kum Desert


The Uzbeks pride themselves on their cuisine and each restaurant makes a point of serving national dishes and delicacies – osh (plov), chushvara,  manti, sumsa e lagman, among many others, with a particular touch. Always ask for the letter – if available with translation and English – in order to know what you are going to order and to be able to control how much you will pay. Besides, you don't need to look for the most renowned restaurants in the country to have a optimum experience. If you have the weather for that, sit on a terrace restaurant and enjoy one of the best cuisines in Central Asia, at very affordable prices. In a popular restaurant, expect to pay €4 on average per person for a simple meal, €12 cap for a multi-course meal and everything else included.


There are Internet cafes in most cities. Alternatively, if you have an unlocked smartphone, or laptop and a pen (USB stick compatible), you can buy a SIM card from the Ucell, Beeline or Perfectum Mobile brands. For this, you have to present your passport.