How to go


A visa is required to enter Uzbekistan and cannot be obtained upon arrival. In good ex-Soviet fashion, the application process must be done at the nearest consular section and is demanding and bureaucratic. You can always simplify it if you choose to travel with the support of a Portuguese travel agency/operator. In this case, you only have to send the valid passport well in advance and the Uzbek receptionist will arrange to obtain the visas and return the passports in due time. 


Usually from June to October there are some cases of malaria but only in the south and east of the country, along the borders with Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. 

For more information on traveling health, see the Health Portal of the Ministry of Health and Tropical and Traveler Medicine Clinic. In FitForTravel find country-specific health and disease prevention advice (in English).


The fastest, cheapest and most practical way to get from Lisbon to Uzbekistan is to fly with the Turkish Airlines, via Istanbul. The flight must have a minimum duration of 15 hours (including stopover) and a price of around €850.