Two companies operate domestic flights from Costa Rica and cover most of the country. They are the Nature Air and Sansa, the latter associated with the TACA group. Both fly from the airport in the capital San José in relatively small planes with a maximum capacity of 20 passengers. 

The demand for flights is very strong, especially during the high season when both Costa Ricans and visitors compete for the few available seats. The main destinations are Bahía Drake, Barra del Colorado, Golfito, Liberia, Coto 47/Neily, Palmar Sur, Playa Nosara, Playa Sámara/Carrillo, Playa Tamarindo, Puerto Jiménez, Quepos, Tambor and Tortuguero.


Most agencies rent-a-car they are located in San José and in other tourist places in the country such as Tamarindo, Jacó, Quepos and Puerto Jiménez. San José airport agencies usually charge around 10% commission for each rental.

Costa Rica is a country of strong communion with nature. Even if many of the roads are paved, the ideal is to rent a vehicle with four-wheel drive, so that you can leave the asphalt and face muddy roads and other problems and obstacles.

The rental is not exactly cheap. Count on a minimum of €400 per week for a 4WD, with free mileage and to which you should add around €10 a day for a basic insurance that only covers collision, but no incidents or accidents caused by natural events. 

The value of rentals fluctuates substantially depending on whether it is in low or high season. A driving license from the country of origin is accepted for up to 90 days of driving in Costa Rica. Fuel can cost between €0,55 and €0,90, depending on market fluctuations


If you're on a tight budget, even if they're not very fast or sophisticated, buses are one of the best ways to travel around Costa Rica, given that you won't be able to stop to enjoy the best scenery you see along the way. There are buses to practically the entire country with travel prices that are just over €10 for longer routes. In San José there is an ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute) desk that provides copies of the itinerary, timetables and updated prices. It is also usually available in visitCostaRica.

Some of the cities operate their own local bus networks. These are the cases of San José, Puntarenas, San Isidro, Golfito and Puerto Limón.


There are more than 200 ICT-accredited tour operators in Costa Rica, each with their own paths and experiences. Many are Europeans or North Americans. They are a valid alternative for those who want to explore the country with guides and as part of a probably international group.