Around the World - Part 1

Traveling Brings Wisdom. Find out how to travel around the world.

traveling is knowing
Illustration on the window of a wintery airport in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland.
The Amália Glacier
Passengers crowd along the bow to admire the Amália glacier
gaudy locomotive
Kuranda train locomotive in Kuranda.
Plane over bathers-Maho Beach-Sint Maarten
Plane about to land over bathers in the sea at Maho Beach.
track in sight
Mount Cook Ski Planes Ski Planes about to land on the Mount Cook runway.
Deck loaded
Crew member enters Navimag's colorful deck.
Of departure
Inhabitants of Malekula and other surrounding islands leave Wala with the cruise in the background.
Kuranda train
The Kuranda train winds its way through the jungle of Barron Falls National Park.
back to coron
Bangkas about to leave the cove where Lake Kayangan is hidden.
a short walk
Wayne McMillan next to the Pegasus of the Mount Cook Ski Planes that has just landed in the heights of the Southern Alps.
street makeup
A woman improvises makeup on a street in Shibuya.
Erika Mother
Jeepney overloaded with passengers and cargo makes a climb near El Nido in northern Palawan.
The Earth turns on itself every day. In this series of articles, you will find indispensable clarifications and advice for those who make a point of going around it at least once in their life.

Fernão Magalhães inaugurated what became the first circumnavigation trip (round-the-world trip) of Earth ever.

At that time, the world was still largely unknown to old Europe and, as was often the case with navigators, a large portion of the Portuguese discoverer's journey in search of a route via the West for spices was done without any reference.

After arriving at what he called the Pacific Ocean, Magellan estimated that sailing to the spice islands would take a few days. It ended up taking three long months.

During this period, while advancing to the West and “climbing” towards the equator, Magellan failed practically all the archipelagos and islands spread across the Pacific, not that it mattered to him beyond that, but many of them, today considered paradisiacal.

It anchored on the opposite side of the ocean, in the Marianas, in Guam and, shortly after, in mactanin the Philippines. On this island, he slightly abused his luck.

He tried to convert a chief named Lapu Lapu to Christianity. He was killed by a raging native tribe.

These days, it has everything to prevent a trip around the world from being, instead of problematic or dramatic, a highly rewarding experience.

Here are the first of many information and tips that we will give you so that you can make your dream come true.

1- Believing in the Round the World Trip. Valuing it with Determination

Faced with King Manuel I's repeated no to his proposal, Fernão Magalhães he didn't lower his arms.

Frustrated, he decided to sacrifice the patriotism he surely had after a half-life of battles and wounds in the service of the Portuguese Crown, moved to Seville in arms and baggage.

He only rested when he convinced King Carlos I to support his project of continuing his search for Asia through the West, which was then the only way to reach “Portuguese” spices without compromising what was agreed in the Treaty of Tordesillas.

Don't take the idea of ​​going around the world as a dream. There are many ways to make the idea a reality. If you can't do it one way, do it another way but don't be defeated by its apparent complexity.

In Portugal, and in general, in the Latin American sphere, travel continues to be seen too much as a kind of adventurous whim, almost as a luxury of which we should feel guilty.

Instead, as we can see in countless periods of discovery, in the English-speaking world and in northern Europe, in general, it is common for even younger teenagers to travel in small groups of friends with parental permission.

The Mythical Gap Year

Not to mention the famous Gap Year. The Gap Year consists of an interval between the end of secondary studies and the beginning of university life that teenagers reserve to appreciate themselves as people traveling.

It can also be applied between the end of university and professional life.

And, they do it with such conviction and pleasure that many start traveling whenever they can and repeat that kind of gap year between the end of university studies and the beginning of their professional life.

Any one of these different forms of Gap Year has a mandatory place in their resumes.

Above all, don't overlook the personal enrichment gained from any trip.

In particular, for a trip around the world. Do not hesitate to see it as an experience that will bring you knowledge and open-mindedness forever.

Dismiss any fears that you are wasting time or money.

2-A Freedom and the Money Needed for Around the World

If you have already got one à financial will

enjoy a break between jobs or create it and leave à adventure. Another solution is to obtain authorization for an unpaid leave at your company.

Has a way of working on account of another, via the Internet, simply respecting delivery deadlines? So develop and expose that hypothesis with foresight and determination. fight for aim.

If you are a self-employed professional, organize yourself as much as possible and prepare all possible technological solutions for teleworking on the road.

How many times has your company not already attracted clients and projects, detected problems and found solutions as a team, using videoconferencing and others ? 

Alert clients and business partners to less contact availability, prepare to wake up and work through the night due to time differences, and adjust as best you can à new reality. 

In our particular case, we made two trips of this type already counting on several one-day breaks, sometimes two, to program, create and deliver travel reports that we were delivering to various publications.

Apart from these breaks, we also systematically dealt with complementary tasks after dark and, in contact with Portugal during the night, with the sacrifice of pleasant dinners, outings and socializing at night.

Sometimes you can't have it all.

Either way, the privilege of going around the world makes up for most of the sacrifices.

In case you haven't collected enough money for Around the World

think of a plan to make it go as little as possible against your principles of life.

Many backpackers, mainly from the English-speaking world – especially travelers from the Australia – work six months or a year in a row in jobs without long-term responsibilities.

After this period of effort – let's call it that – they enjoy the reward of travel periods that they try to prolong as much as possible to maintain a healthy balance between spending, and pleasure and comfort.

Just as an example, on our travels, we met some who did it in bars in London. Others who fulfilled the painful part of that plan in the gold mines of the Australia.

The latter, gave more of themselves for short periods but earned much more than the former, and much faster.

During the NAVIMAG cruise, by the fjords of the Chile, we also met a couple of Guatemalans – yes, Guatemalans – who invested and earned money online in the stock market while traveling.

Nothing is guaranteed. But those who don't take the risk don't get anything. The most valuable secret is to make the most of the wealth of assets, knowledge and professional experience that one has.

If you have your own house, rent the house for the period you are traveling.

Ultimately, if you need to, sell some possessions that are not absolutely necessary.

Including a car that you can buy again once a work routine is established or re-established.

3 – How long should it take to make an Around the World?

It just depends on you, your financial capacity and the professional freedom you can secure.

In technical terms, if you choose to travel based on flights and a specific round-the-world ticket from an airline alliance – for example, Star Alliance of which TAP is part – will have a maximum limit of one year.

You can only extend this period if you purchase more than one ticket.

In this case, you'll be cheating the concept of around the world a bit since, as a rule, the first itinerary has to go around the real world.

Airline alliances also set minimum times to complete the turn, for example 10 days after your first international flight departs.

If you have financial and calendar availability, of course the ideal would always be to make this dream trip in a year. Carry it out with enough time to calmly explore each of your favorite places.

On Earth, scenarios and forms of life in everything different from ours. Striking raw material for discovery will not be lacking.

In our view, and still arising from past experiences, a year establishes a good psychological barrier.

Especially if you are traveling alone, it is very likely that after a year you will start to miss it.

From the family, the country, the house and the other people with whom you usually get along.

Longing and Discouragement vs Enthusiasm for Adventure and Discovery

Of course, this feeling also comes and goes and fluctuates along the journey. It fluctuates depending on the place and the experiences as you go by and, especially, the people you meet.

We have had periods of absolute ecstasy of exotic discovery in Vanuatu where fascination drowned out any other feeling.

We also had phases of greater existential emptiness and nostalgia.

It happened, for example, in certain islands of the French Polynesia ou na Grande Terre (New Caledonia) where it was more difficult for us to feel and be part of genuine local life.

On Rails

Train Travel: The World Best on Rails

No way to travel is as repetitive and enriching as going on rails. Climb aboard these disparate carriages and trains and enjoy the best scenery in the world on Rails.
Maho Beach, Sint Maarten

The Jet-powered Caribbean Beach

At first glance, Princess Juliana International Airport appears to be just another one in the vast Caribbean. Successive landings skimming Maho beach that precedes its runway, jet take-offs that distort the faces of bathers and project them into the sea, make it a special case.
Jet Lag (Part 1)

Avoid Post-Flight Turbulence

When we fly across more than 3 time zones, the internal clock that regulates our body gets confused. The most we can do is alleviate the discomfort we feel until it gets right again.
Boat Trips

For Those Becoming Internet Sick

Hop on and let yourself go on unmissable boat trips like the Philippine archipelago of Bacuit and the frozen sea of ​​the Finnish Gulf of Bothnia.
Alice Springs to Darwin, Australia

Stuart Road, on its way to Australia's Top End

Do Red Center to the tropical Top End, the Stuart Highway road travels more than 1.500km lonely through Australia. Along this route, the Northern Territory radically changes its look but remains faithful to its rugged soul.
Travel does not cost

On the next trip, don't let your money fly

Not only the time of year and in advance with which we book flights, stays, etc. influence the cost of a trip. The payment methods we use at destinations can make a big difference.
Effortless Traveling

Book Comfortable Stays for Your Finances Too

As with flights, booking accommodation has its secrets. Find out what the strategies are to ensure a welcoming and financially rewarding stay.

The World on Stage

All over the world, each nation, region or town and even neighborhood has its own culture. When traveling, nothing is more rewarding than admiring, live and in loco, which makes them unique.
unmissable roads

Great Routes, Great Trips

With pompous names or mere road codes, certain roads run through really sublime scenarios. From Road 66 to the Great Ocean Road, they are all unmissable adventures behind the wheel.
Aoraki / Mount Cook, New Zealand

The Aeronautical Conquest of the Southern Alps

In 1955, pilot Harry Wigley created a system for taking off and landing on asphalt or snow. Since then, his company has unveiled, from the air, some of the greatest scenery in Oceania.

In Search of the Lost Time

For 121 years, it was the last nation on Earth to change the day. But Samoa realized that his finances were behind him and, in late 2012, he decided to move back west on the LID - International Date Line.
Effortless Traveling

Sync with Check In and Check Out Hours

After a long flight or sequence of flights, he arrives at the hotel on a slop, but has to wait to be admitted to his room. Find out what you can do to prevent or soften this drama.
Rhinoceros, PN Kaziranga, Assam, India
PN Kaziranga, India

The Indian Monoceros Stronghold

Situated in the state of Assam, south of the great Brahmaputra river, PN Kaziranga occupies a vast area of ​​alluvial swamp. Two-thirds of the rhinocerus unicornis around the world, there are around 100 tigers, 1200 elephants and many other animals. Pressured by human proximity and the inevitable poaching, this precious park has not been able to protect itself from the hyperbolic floods of the monsoons and from some controversies.
Muktinath to Kagbeni, Annapurna Circuit, Nepal, Kagbeni
Annapurna (circuit)
Annapurna Circuit 14th - Muktinath to Kagbeni, Nepal,

On the Other Side of the Pass

After the demanding crossing of Thorong La, we recover in the cozy village of Muktinath. The next morning we proceed back to lower altitudes. On the way to the ancient kingdom of Upper Mustang and the village of Kagbeni that serves as its gateway.
Visitors at Talisay Ruins, Negros Island, Philippines
Architecture & Design
Talisay City, Philippines

Monument to a Luso-Philippine Love

At the end of the 11th century, Mariano Lacson, a Filipino farmer, and Maria Braga, a Portuguese woman from Macau, fell in love and got married. During the pregnancy of what would be her 2th child, Maria succumbed to a fall. Destroyed, Mariano built a mansion in his honor. In the midst of World War II, the mansion was set on fire, but the elegant ruins that endured perpetuate their tragic relationship.
Boats on ice, Hailuoto Island, Finland.
Hailuoto, Finland

A Refuge in the Gulf of Bothnia

During winter, the island of Hailuoto is connected to the rest of Finland by the country's longest ice road. Most of its 986 inhabitants esteem, above all, the distance that the island grants them.
Indigenous Crowned
Ceremonies and Festivities
Pueblos del Sur, Venezuela

Behind the Venezuela Andes. Fiesta Time.

In 1619, the authorities of Mérida dictated the settlement of the surrounding territory. The order resulted in 19 remote villages that we found dedicated to commemorations with caretos and local pauliteiros.
Table Mountain view from Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa.
Table Mountain, South Africa

At the Adamastor Monster Table

From the earliest times of the Discoveries to the present, Table Mountain has always stood out above the South African immensity South African and the surrounding ocean. The centuries passed and Cape Town expanded at his feet. The capetonians and the visiting outsiders got used to contemplating, ascending and venerating this imposing and mythical plateau.
Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

The Fish Market That Lost its Freshness

In a year, each Japanese eats more than their weight in fish and shellfish. Since 1935, a considerable part was processed and sold in the largest fish market in the world. Tsukiji was terminated in October 2018, and replaced by Toyosu's.
Hungduan, Philippines

Country Style Philippines

The GI's left with the end of World War II, but the music from the interior of the USA that they heard still enlivens the Cordillera de Luzon. It's by tricycle and at your own pace that we visit the Hungduan rice terraces.

Man: an Ever Tested Species

It's in our genes. For the pleasure of participating, for titles, honor or money, competitions give meaning to the world. Some are more eccentric than others.
Jeep crosses Damaraland, Namibia
damaraland, Namíbia

Namibia On the Rocks

Hundreds of kilometers north of Swakopmund, many more of Sossuvlei's iconic dunes, Damaraland is home to deserts interspersed with red rocky hills, the young nation's highest mountain and ancient rock art. the settlers South Africans they named this region after the Damara, one of the Namibian ethnic groups. Only these and other inhabitants prove that it remains on Earth.
Efate, Vanuatu, transshipment to "Congoola/Lady of the Seas"
Efate, Vanuatu

The Island that Survived “Survivor”

Much of Vanuatu lives in a blessed post-savage state. Maybe for this, reality shows in which aspirants compete Robinson Crusoes they settled one after the other on their most accessible and notorious island. Already somewhat stunned by the phenomenon of conventional tourism, Efate also had to resist them.
Rainbow in the Grand Canyon, an example of prodigious photographic light
Got2Globe Photo Portfolio
Natural Light (Part 1)

And Light was made on Earth. Know how to use it.

The theme of light in photography is inexhaustible. In this article, we give you some basic notions about your behavior, to start with, just and only in terms of geolocation, the time of day and the time of year.
Bonaire, island, Netherlands Antilles, ABC, Caribbean, Rincon
Rincon, Bonaire

The Pioneering Corner of the Netherlands Antilles

Shortly after Columbus' arrival in the Americas, the Castilians discovered a Caribbean island they called Brazil. Afraid of the pirate threat, they hid their first village in a valley. One century after, the Dutch took over this island and renamed it Bonaire. They didn't erase the unpretentious name of the trailblazer colony: Rincon.
Christian believers leaving a church, Upolu, Western Samoa
Upolu, Samoa  

The Broken Heart of Polynesia

The imagery of the paradisiacal South Pacific is unquestionable in Samoa, but its tropical beauty does not pay the bills for either the nation or the inhabitants. Anyone who visits this archipelago finds a people divided between subjecting themselves to tradition and the financial stagnation or uprooting themselves in countries with broader horizons.
Correspondence verification
Winter White
Rovaniemi, Finland

From the Finnish Lapland to the Arctic. A Visit to the Land of Santa

Fed up with waiting for the bearded old man to descend down the chimney, we reverse the story. We took advantage of a trip to Finnish Lapland and passed through its furtive home.
Visitors to Ernest Hemingway's Home, Key West, Florida, United States
Key West, United States

Hemingway's Caribbean Playground

Effusive as ever, Ernest Hemingway called Key West "the best place I've ever been...". In the tropical depths of the contiguous US, he found evasion and crazy, drunken fun. And the inspiration to write with intensity to match.
Lake Manyara, National Park, Ernest Hemingway, Giraffes
Lake Manyara NP, Tanzania

Hemingway's Favorite Africa

Situated on the western edge of the Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park is one of the smallest but charming and richest in Europe. wild life of Tanzania. In 1933, between hunting and literary discussions, Ernest Hemingway dedicated a month of his troubled life to him. He narrated those adventurous safari days in “The Green Hills of Africa".
Sheki, Autumn in the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Autumn Homes
Sheki, Azerbaijan

autumn in the caucasus

Lost among the snowy mountains that separate Europe from Asia, Sheki is one of Azerbaijan's most iconic towns. Its largely silky history includes periods of great harshness. When we visited it, autumn pastels added color to a peculiar post-Soviet and Muslim life.
Masada fortress, Israel
Natural Parks
Massada, Israel

Massada: The Ultimate Jewish Fortress

In AD 73, after months of siege, a Roman legion found that the resisters at the top of Masada had committed suicide. Once again Jewish, this fortress is now the supreme symbol of Zionist determination
The Toy Train story
UNESCO World Heritage
Siliguri a Darjeeling, India

The Himalayan Toy Train Still Running

Neither the steep slope of some stretches nor the modernity stop it. From Siliguri, in the tropical foothills of the great Asian mountain range, the Darjeeling, with its peaks in sight, the most famous of the Indian Toy Trains has ensured for 117 years, day after day, an arduous dream journey. Traveling through the area, we climb aboard and let ourselves be enchanted.
Earp brothers look-alikes and friend Doc Holliday in Tombstone, USA
tombstone, USA

Tombstone: the City Too Hard to Die

Silver veins discovered at the end of the XNUMXth century made Tombstone a prosperous and conflictive mining center on the frontier of the United States to Mexico. Lawrence Kasdan, Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner and other Hollywood directors and actors made famous the Earp brothers and the bloodthirsty duel of “OK Corral”. The Tombstone, which, over time, has claimed so many lives, is about to last.
Baie d'Oro, Île des Pins, New Caledonia
Île-des-Pins, New Caledonia

The Island that Leaned against Paradise

In 1964, Katsura Morimura delighted the Japan with a turquoise novel set in Ouvéa. But the neighboring Île-des-Pins has taken over the title "The Nearest Island to Paradise" and thrills its visitors.
gaudy courtship
suzdal, Russia

Thousand Years of Old Fashioned Russia

It was a lavish capital when Moscow was just a rural hamlet. Along the way, it lost political relevance but accumulated the largest concentration of churches, monasteries and convents in the country of the tsars. Today, beneath its countless domes, Suzdal is as orthodox as it is monumental.
Back in the sun. San Francisco Cable Cars, Life Ups and Downs
On Rails
San Francisco, USA

San Francisco Cable Cars: A Life of Highs and Lows

A macabre wagon accident inspired the San Francisco cable car saga. Today, these relics work as a charm operation in the city of fog, but they also have their risks.
Pachinko Salon, Video Addiction, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

Pachinko: The Video Addiction That Depresses Japan

It started as a toy, but the Japanese appetite for profit quickly turned pachinko into a national obsession. Today, there are 30 million Japanese surrendered to these alienating gaming machines.
Women with long hair from Huang Luo, Guangxi, China
Daily life
Longsheng, China

Huang Luo: the Chinese Village of the Longest Hairs

In a multi-ethnic region covered with terraced rice paddies, the women of Huang Luo have surrendered to the same hairy obsession. They let the longest hair in the world grow, years on end, to an average length of 170 to 200 cm. Oddly enough, to keep them beautiful and shiny, they only use water and rice.
Maria Jacarés, Pantanal Brazil
Miranda, Brazil

Maria dos Jacarés: the Pantanal shelters such Creatures

Eurides Fátima de Barros was born in the interior of the Miranda region. 38 years ago, he settled in a small business on the side of BR262 that crosses the Pantanal and gained an affinity with the alligators that lived on his doorstep. Disgusted that once upon a time the creatures were being slaughtered there, she began to take care of them. Now known as Maria dos Jacarés, she named each of the animals after a soccer player or coach. It also makes sure they recognize your calls.
The Sounds, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
Scenic Flights
Fiordland, New Zealand

The Fjords of the Antipodes

A geological quirk made the Fiordland region the rawest and most imposing in New Zealand. Year after year, many thousands of visitors worship the sub-domain slashed between Te Anau and Milford Sound.