Tokyo, Japan

Pachinko: The Video Addiction That Depresses Japan

Tokyo night
The illuminated skyscrapers of the Japanese capital, one of the largest cities in the world and one of the privileged haunts of pachinko players
Spheres of Chance
Ball receptacles used and won by Pachinko players.
complete alienation
Players immersed in the different screens of a Pachinko salon.
Pachinko's lifeline
There are thousands of Japanese people, mainly from the big cities that let themselves be caught by the addiction of Pachinko
A long hallway filled with players from a Pachinko parlor.
Electronic victory and cash profit form an illusion that captures thousands of Japanese people every year.
Sleeve with pachinko
Passerby passes by a wall decorated with the image of one of the characters from a time ahead that young Japanese people have been growing up with for a long time, in manga books, video games and also in pachinko
Pachinko Hall
Passersby pass in front of the facade of a casino in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Tokyo night
Passersby cross a wide avenue of Tokyo, surrounded, like most, by several pachinko parlors
The Players
Players side by side in decorated seats and in front of Pachinko's gaudy electronic screens
Another night of pachinko
Traffic flows on a Tokyo avenue lit by the twilight and urban lighting of the Japanese capital
Keeping an eye on Tokyo
Cyclist in an illuminated square in Tokyo.
It started as a toy, but the Japanese appetite for profit quickly turned pachinko into a national obsession. Today, there are 30 million Japanese surrendered to these alienating gaming machines.

The day is drawing to a close.

Tokyo remains in a spring with blue skies and radiant sun. We wander through the streets of Shibuya. On the way home, groups of students in checkered mini-skirts and gray pullovers get lost in mischief and mischief, .

brash lolitas and gyarus glamorous pass by gray wage earners at the most crossed intersection of the world. Young people on modern bicycles advance through spaces disused by the flow and counter-flow of the crowd.

On the other side, we enter a commercial alley full of shop windows that attract teenagers thirsty for the latest fashions.

A wall decorated with posters with characters de manga and Japanese characters on yellow backgrounds. We examined the building to look something Blade Runner.

Pachinko Salon, Video Addiction, Japan

Passersby pass in front of the facade of a casino in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Pachinko's Noisy, Smoky and Alienating Halls

We find its main entrance, barred by a door that obeys sensors. And with a technological den, noisy and smoky. It was one of thousands of salons in pachinko that infest Japan.

Inside, dozens of souls waste hours of their lives in front of multicolored electronic aquariums in which they release glittering spheres. Most players lose track of reality and many thousands of yen.

Pachinko, video addiction, Japan

Players immersed in the different screens of a Pachinko salon.

The irony of ironies is that it all started with a simple toy.

Corinthian Bagatelle: The Amazing Western Inspiration

In 1920, the Japanese discovered an American children's game, the Corinthian Bagatelle. They created their version which they called korin moaned.

Ten years later, the contraption fell in love with the adults of Nagoya. From this city onwards, the phenomenon spread to the rest of the nation.

After World War II stopped its spread, the hobby soon returned to Japan defeated and destroyed. So, the game's prizes were valuable products on the black market, like soap and chocolate.

Players, Pachinko, Video Addiction, Japan

Players side by side in decorated seats and in front of Pachinko's gaudy electronic screens

From Mere Pastime, to the Japanese Pachinko Salons Network

In 1948, in the same Nagoya, the first commercial halls appeared. They grouped machines that used bells to signal game states and pinball machines that projected the spheres with adjustable impacts.

These machines remained in business until the turn of the 80s. japanese electronics revolution guaranteed increasingly futuristic and seductive models.

Back in the same hall as Shibuya, serious players continue to ignore the many pleasures of the outdoors.

It is normal for them to arrive long before the opening of houses to compete for the more familiar or less sophisticated machines, which they believe they can manipulate more easily.

Pachinko, video addiction, Japan

Passerby passes by a wall decorated with the image of one of the characters from a time ahead that young Japanese people have been growing up with for a long time, in manga books, video games and also in pachinko

Japan's “Children's” Machines That Suck Adults' Life

Then they sit side by side, leg against leg. For hours on end, they suffer the digital alienation of "sea ​​story","Star Wars" or "Mappy Park” – graphic and programming themes for games.

It's rare that they communicate with each other, or even look away. The slightest loss of concentration causes defeat in the match in which they are involved.

we would explore pachinkos in different cities. Without much knowledge, we just insert endless yen.

We get bored faster than we thought, watching the infernal spheres follow their own destiny between pins and other barriers. Contrary to what we thought, the pachinko gives us little or no control.

For the game's victims, however, the lights, the childlike sounds and the circle of the spheres prove to be hypnotic.

Tokyo, Pachinko video addiction, Japan

Traffic flows on a Tokyo avenue lit by the twilight and urban lighting of the Japanese capital

Pachinko: A Long Latent Social Drama

Even if the game allows maximum jackpots of 40 euros and loss rates never higher than 1.5 euros per minute, pachinko has the power to change lives. Almost always for the worse, by the way.

It is the reason why proprietary companies protect players' identities as much as possible. And because they force us into repeated cat-and-mouse exercises with their security guards in order to get decent photographs inside the salons.

We feel how many Japanese are taking refuge from the crushing pressure of their work in front of the machines. And how, after a while, they lose job after job. They ruin themselves and their families and are forced to join groups of anonymous compulsive gamblers.

Tokyo, city of Pachinko's video addiction, Japan

Passersby cross a wide avenue of Tokyo, surrounded, like most, by several pachinko parlors

Strangely enough, these are not even the most dramatic consequences. Almost every year, two or three children die from excessive heat when parents forget about them in cars after entering the halls to play "just a few minutes".

And yet, when Japanese people in general are asked about their nation's gambling habits, most simply say it's illegal or that Japanese people don't. These answers prove the degree of tolerated or camouflaged marginality of the pachinko.

In fact, Japan has ten times more gaming machines than the United States.

Addicts, Pachinko, video addiction, Japan

A long hallway filled with players from a Pachinko parlor.

A Video Addiction that Ruins Families and Enriches Corporations

Thirty of its nearly 130 million inhabitants attend the salons of pachinko where they leave more than 150 billion euros every year. They cause estimated losses in the order of 40 billion euros.

Threatened by the growing video game industry and other forms of gambling, pachinko promoters and owners chose to present themselves as fun and exciting.

They even borrowed the type of characters and manga graphics that the hyper-sophisticated Japanese videogames perfected for their façade and interior decorations.

Pachinko, video addiction, Japan

Electronic victory and cash profit form an illusion that captures thousands of Japanese people every year.

Japanese businessmen are as obsessed with money as pachinko players. They resort to even lower tricks. We even entered salons in the morning.

On these occasions, the noise of music and games is exaggerated compared to the number of customers. It didn't take long to find out that the halls continuously play a soundtrack that simulates a full house.

This song urges newcomers to stay and spend. When the various strategies work, pachinko houses are filled to capacity at a glance.

Much faster than the baskets in which bettors keep the spheres they conquer.

At spaces, we see the most experienced or lucky players get up and call officials to collect them.

These rush to satisfy the customer's wishes, dump the spheres into a counter device and bring back a receipt which the player exchanges for cash.

Spheres of Chance, Pachinko, Video Addiction, Japan

Ball receptacles used and won by Pachinko players.

The Game on the Edge of Pachinko Awards

In theory, pachinko they should be just products. Each salon has its own boutique with Channel perfumes, Hello Kity alarm clocks and other almost insignificant objects, towels, pens, magazines etc – which can be exchanged for a few hundred spheres.

In reality, almost all players prefer to receive money. In order to circumvent the law, the salons created "special prizes” fictitious and worthless winners take to shadowy trading houses located nearby.

In these houses, other employees exchange the spheres for the desired Japanese cash.

The yen soon enter the machines and renew the vicious cycle of the pachinko.

Tokyo, Pachinko, video addiction, Japan

The illuminated skyscrapers of the Japanese capital, one of the largest cities in the world and one of the privileged haunts of pachinko players

Las Vegas, USA

Where sin is always forgiven

Projected from the Mojave Desert like a neon mirage, the North American capital of gaming and entertainment is experienced as a gamble in the dark. Lush and addictive, Vegas neither learns nor regrets.

The Beverage Machines Empire

There are more than 5 million ultra-tech light boxes spread across the country and many more exuberant cans and bottles of appealing drinks. The Japanese have long since stopped resisting them.
Tokyo, Japan

Disposable Purrs

Tokyo is the largest of the metropolises but, in its tiny apartments, there is no place for pets. Japanese entrepreneurs detected the gap and launched "catteries" in which the feline affections are paid by the hour.

When Only Cock Fights Wake Up the Philippines

Banned in much of the First World, cockfighting thrives in the Philippines where they move millions of people and pesos. Despite its eternal problems, it is the sabong that most stimulates the nation.
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo's fashion

In ultra-populous and hyper-coded Japan, there is always room for more sophistication and creativity. Whether national or imported, it is in the capital that they begin to parade the new Japanese looks.
Ogimashi, Japan

An Historical-Virtual Japan

"Higurashi no Naku Koro never” was a highly successful Japanese animation and computer game series. In Ogimashi, Shirakawa-Go village, we live with a group of kigurumi of their characters.
Osaka, Japan

In the Company of Mayu

Japanese nightlife is a multi-faceted, multi-billion business. In Osaka, an enigmatic couchsurfing hostess welcomes us, somewhere between the geisha and the luxury escort.
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo's Hypno-Passengers

Japan is served by millions of executives slaughtered with infernal work rates and sparse vacations. Every minute of respite on the way to work or home serves them for their inemuri, napping in public.
Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Style Passaport-Type Photography

In the late 80s, two Japanese multinationals already saw conventional photo booths as museum pieces. They turned them into revolutionary machines and Japan surrendered to the Purikura phenomenon.
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Chobe NP, Botswana

Chobe: A River on the Border of Life with Death

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Annapurna (circuit)
Annapurna Circuit 11th: yak karkha a Thorong Phedi, Nepal

Arrival to the Foot of the Canyon

In just over 6km, we climbed from 4018m to 4450m, at the base of Thorong La canyon. Along the way, we questioned if what we felt were the first problems of Altitude Evil. It was never more than a false alarm.
Colonial Church of San Francisco de Assis, Taos, New Mexico, USA
Architecture & Design
Taos, USA

North America Ancestor of Taos

Traveling through New Mexico, we were dazzled by the two versions of Taos, that of the indigenous adobe hamlet of Taos Pueblo, one of the towns of the USA inhabited for longer and continuously. And that of Taos city that the Spanish conquerors bequeathed to the Mexicothe Mexico gave in to United States and that a creative community of native descendants and migrated artists enhance and continue to praise.
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Meat and Bone Cannibalism

Until the early XNUMXth century, man-eaters still feasted on the Vanuatu archipelago. In the village of Botko we find out why European settlers were so afraid of the island of Malekula.
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Ceremonies and Festivities
Jerusalem, Israel

Through the Belicious Streets of Via Dolorosa

In Jerusalem, while traveling the Via Dolorosa, the most sensitive believers realize how difficult the peace of the Lord is to achieve in the most disputed streets on the face of the earth.
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Journey to the End of the Alaskan Road

If Anchorage became the great city of the 49th US state, Homer, 350km away, is its most famous dead end. Veterans of these parts consider this strange tongue of land sacred ground. They also venerate the fact that, from there, they cannot continue anywhere.
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Chinese Style Flash Mob

The time is set and the place is known. When the music starts playing, a crowd follows the choreography harmoniously until time runs out and everyone returns to their lives.
4th of July Fireworks-Seward, Alaska, United States
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The Longest 4th of July

The independence of the United States is celebrated, in Seward, Alaska, in a modest way. Even so, the 4th of July and its celebration seem to have no end.
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We arrived at the northern threshold of West Bengal. The subcontinent gives way to a vast alluvial plain filled with tea plantations, jungle, rivers that the monsoon overflows over endless rice fields and villages bursting at the seams. On the verge of the greatest of the mountain ranges and the mountainous kingdom of Bhutan, for obvious British colonial influence, India treats this stunning region by Dooars.
Resident of Nzulezu, Ghana
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A Village Afloat in Ghana

We depart from the seaside resort of Busua, to the far west of the Atlantic coast of Ghana. At Beyin, we veered north towards Lake Amansuri. There we find Nzulezu, one of the oldest and most genuine lake settlements in West Africa.
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Got2Globe Photo Portfolio
Got2Globe Portfolio

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Alcatraz Island, California, United States
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Cruise ship in Sight, the Fair Settles In

In much of Vanuatu, the days of the population's “good savages” are behind us. In times misunderstood and neglected, money gained value. And when the big ships with tourists arrive off Malekuka, the natives focus on Wala and billing.
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Almada Negreiros: From Saudade to Eternity

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The Namibian Guts of Africa

When nothing makes you foreseeable, a vast river ravine burrows the southern end of the Namíbia. At 160km long, 27km wide and, at intervals, 550 meters deep, the Fish River Canyon is the Grand Canyon of Africa. And one of the biggest canyons on the face of the Earth.
Mother Armenia Statue, Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia

A Capital between East and West

Heiress of the Soviet civilization, aligned with the great Russia, Armenia allows itself to be seduced by the most democratic and sophisticated ways of Western Europe. In recent times, the two worlds have collided in the streets of your capital. From popular and political dispute, Yerevan will dictate the new course of the nation.
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Natural Parks
Death Valley, USA

The Hottest Place Resurrection

Since 1921, Al Aziziyah, in Libya, was considered the hottest place on the planet. But the controversy surrounding the 58th measured there meant that, 99 years later, the title was returned to Death Valley.
Mtshketa, Holy City of Georgia, Caucasus, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
UNESCO World Heritage
Mtskheta, Georgia

The Holy City of Georgia

If Tbilisi is the contemporary capital, Mtskheta was the city that made Christianity official in the kingdom of Iberia, predecessor of Georgia, and one that spread the religion throughout the Caucasus. Those who visit see how, after almost two millennia, it is Christianity that governs life there.
Earp brothers look-alikes and friend Doc Holliday in Tombstone, USA
tombstone, USA

Tombstone: the City Too Hard to Die

Silver veins discovered at the end of the XNUMXth century made Tombstone a prosperous and conflictive mining center on the frontier of the United States to Mexico. Lawrence Kasdan, Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner and other Hollywood directors and actors made famous the Earp brothers and the bloodthirsty duel of “OK Corral”. The Tombstone, which, over time, has claimed so many lives, is about to last.

Amberris Caye, Belize

Belize's Playground

Madonna sang it as La Isla Bonita and reinforced the motto. Today, neither hurricanes nor political strife discourage VIP and wealthy vacationers from enjoying this tropical getaway.

Jerusalem God, Israel, Golden City
Jerusalem, Israel

Closer to God

Three thousand years of history as mystical as it is troubled come to life in Jerusalem. Worshiped by Christians, Jews and Muslims, this city radiates controversy but attracts believers from all over the world.
Chepe Express, Chihuahua Al Pacifico Railway
On Rails
Creel to Los Mochis, Mexico

The Barrancas del Cobre & the CHEPE Iron Horse

The Sierra Madre Occidental's relief turned the dream into a construction nightmare that lasted six decades. In 1961, at last, the prodigious Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad was opened. Its 643km cross some of the most dramatic scenery in Mexico.
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The Island of Success and Monotony

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Talkeetna, Alaska

Talkeetna's Alaska-Style Life

Once a mere mining outpost, Talkeetna rejuvenated in 1950 to serve Mt. McKinley climbers. The town is by far the most alternative and most captivating town between Anchorage and Fairbanks.
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PN Hwange, Zimbabwe

The Legacy of the Late Cecil Lion

On July 1, 2015, Walter Palmer, a dentist and trophy hunter from Minnesota killed Cecil, Zimbabwe's most famous lion. The slaughter generated a viral wave of outrage. As we saw in PN Hwange, nearly two years later, Cecil's descendants thrive.
Bungee jumping, Queenstown, New Zealand
Scenic Flights
Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, the Queen of Extreme Sports

In the century. XVIII, the Kiwi government proclaimed a mining village on the South Island "fit for a queen".Today's extreme scenery and activities reinforce the majestic status of ever-challenging Queenstown.