About Got2Globe

About Got2globe

All travels, experiences, adventures and contents of this travel blog website are authored by Marco C. Pereira & Sara Wong.

Marco C. Pereira and Sara Wong have long felt the urge to travel the world. Got2Globe is driven by this obsession. It revolves around their travels, experiences and the sights and whims of the Earth.

Get ready to dream of everything but don't expect anything in particular. Day after day, the destinations and experiences you will discover in Got2Globe will be the most surprising. They will come to you without any routine or sequential logic.

In a flash, Got2Globe can switch from torrential rain to scorching sun and from photography to video. Travel from the dense jungles of Vanuatu to the endless concrete forests of Tokyo, with stops on top of a New Zealand volcano, in the depths of a argentine glacier or over a huge erg of an African desert.

Along the way, Got2Globe will also go through transformations and extensions with which it will adapt to what we live and explore. And to what our followers show more interest and pleasure in unraveling.

The Earth Doesn't Stop. Neither does Got2Globe. Get Ready for a Long Journey.

Marco Pereira

There is no known genetic or family history for the phenomenon, but the truth is that, even as a child, among other readings and youth consultations, Marco spent hours devouring the 12th edition of an old Atlas of the World authored by JRSilva, edited in December 2, 1976, by a such Portuguese Magazine Agency.

Much thanks to this colorful atlas, his friends had fun asking him about the capitals of the most unlikely countries, hoping he didn't know them. Usually in vain. Marco also often triumphed in Trivial Pursuit, with the strategy of perpetuating his moves by choosing, as much as possible, “blue” geography questions.

Until almost halfway through adolescence, he spent half the year in Lisbon and the other half in the wonderful, green and somewhat rugged countryside of the Lafões region, in northern Portugal. This wilder, more adventurous and withdrawn growth contributed to his early desire to explore and travel.

Marco made an effort to make his first car a VW Golf GTD (diesel) as little used as possible. He always had the idea of ​​filling it every weekend with people and discovering the country.

Around the age of 18, he planned and put to the vote of his group of friends several possible Inter-Rail itineraries. As a result of that vote, he set out on the first of these train journeys in a delegation of 13 teenagers in August 1990. Predictably, such a large group quickly proved unsustainable. Until 1994, he made three more Inter Rails.

He started his professional life as an advertising copywriter in 1995, but it never left his mind that he would be much better off traveling.

In XNUMX, he published the first travel articles with images and experiences from the last of the Inter-Railsand of a trip to India that he made in the meantime with other friends. In XNUMX, he was faced with the possibility of exchanging the advertising creativity and everyday routine for travel reporting. And he took advantage of it. 

By that time, he had already decided to complement the writing experience with learning and training in photography. CENJOR gave free after-work courses. He signed up for several. In one of them he met Sara. Shortly thereafter, they set out on a trip to the south of India. They never stopped traveling together.

Sara Wong

Sara's travels started right before she was born. In the hot summer of 1975, still in her mother's womb, she “made” her first plane flight to Faial Island – Azores, where the parents went to work to certify the functioning and possible modernization of the laboratory of a milling factory then deactivated.

It was, in fact, from these regular trips with her parents and siblings, inside and outside the country, both for work and for leisure, that her taste for discovering grew. At the age of 7 she made her debut on an intercontinental flight with a route to Hong Kong to meet her paternal family, and in the following winter another long-haul flight to the USA to spend the holidays with the mother's family. Trip after trip, the restless taste for adventure developed and even an initial fear of flying didn't stop her from traveling whenever she could.

Photography has also been part of her life from an early age. She doesn't remember exactly when she took her first photo, but she knows that it was with the Pentax ME that her father had already used on his travels in Asia and Europe. She ruined a lot of film until she took the first photographs, and even today there are no memory cards that can resist Sara's hands.

When she was 10 years old, on a summer vacation, she accompanied her uncle from Hong Kong in a report on the Sea of China, and also had the opportunity to take underwater photographs. The unforeseen, novelty and journalistic themes discussed daily by her uncle made her want to follow his steps.

She started out as an official photographer for the family, then for the student association and for the Youth Ministry newspaper, until she realized that Photography was really destined.

Sara's training included the IPF – Portuguese Institute of Photography, Ar.Co – Center for Art and Visual Communication and CENJOR – Protocol Center for Professional Training for Journalists. Her photographic work has been published in the portuguese and foreign press for almost two decades, as well as some photographic projects presented in cultural spaces such as the FNAC galleries, the Electricity Museum and the Atrium Saldanha. Traveling and photographing are two of the things that give Sara the most pleasure.