Beagle Channel, Argentina

Darwin and the Beagle Channel: on the Theory of the Evolution Route

The Dandi Jemmy Button
Actor on the Beagle Show plays Jemmy Button, a native who was taken by the Beagle expedition to England and turned into a dandi.
Tribute to Darwin
Charles Darwin's historical figure at the entrance to the Beagle Show show once on display in Ushuaia.
Nautical Contemplation
Sailor contemplates the mountains on the outskirts of Ushuaia on the ship Bark Europa
The "Beagle Show"
Beagle Show actors thank the audience in Ushuaia.
Island H
Short excursion participants hike on H Island, a small nature reserve island in the Beagle Channel.
Endless birds
Passenger photographs a slope of the Beagle Channel teeming with seabirds.
Almost contact
Passengers on a vessel watch the sea lions on the Beagle Channel.
Les Eclaireurs
Passengers on a vessel watch the sea lions on the Beagle Channel.
Alpha male
Adult sea lions communicate their territorial dominance with great fanfare.
in the sun
Sea lions huddled on high rocks in the Beagle Channel.
Bark Europe Stunts
Sailor takes care of the sails of the Bark Europa ship.
Penguin. Score.
One of thousands of specimens from the Martillo Island penguin colony.
A Sector of the Pinguineira
Isolated clan of the penguin tree of Martillo Island.
Shadows from the "Beagle Show"
Silhouette of Darwin and Captain Fitz Roy during one of their dissertations on the origin of beings and their evolution.
Ushuaia Lights
Dusk seizes Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.
Beagle Channel View
A resident of Ushuaia contemplates the strangely still water of the Beagle Channel.
In 1833, Charles Darwin sailed aboard the "Beagle" through the channels of Tierra del Fuego. His passage through these southern confines shaped the revolutionary theory he formulated of the Earth and its species

The small sailboat plies the icy blue waters of the Beagle Channel.

It reveals to us, with each mile gained, perspectives of the semi-snowy mountain range around.

Little or nothing has changed these mountains in the almost five centuries that have passed since the pioneering incursion of Fernão Magalhães and the following ones, by other European navigators, through these places.

It is early autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Only 1000 km north of Antarctica. If the first days of exploration granted us surprising sunny afternoons that could even be tolerated in T-shirts, meteorology took its revenge on the unforeseen.

Beagle Channel, Evolution, Darwin, Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego

A resident of Ushuaia contemplates the strangely still water of the Beagle Channel.

It launched a cold front from the depths of the frozen continent that alerted the region to what awaited and stirred up the hitherto calm waters of the Beagle Channel.

The Passage of HMS Beagle, Fitz Roy and Darwin through the Beagle Channel

Luckily, or more likely due to the good nautical sense of the reputed Captain Robert Fitz Roy, in its second expedition, the “HMS Beagle” sighted Tierra del Fuego on December 18th, in the middle of austral summer.

Bark Europa, Beagle Channel, Evolution, Darwin, Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego

Sailor contemplates the mountains on the outskirts of Ushuaia on the ship Bark Europa

In the Beagle's first expedition, a group of Yaghan indigenous people reportedly stole one of the ship's auxiliary vessels. In return, Fitz Roy decided to take the accused's family hostage, awaiting a return that never came to pass.

As a result, the natives ended up traveling to England. There they received aristocratic and religious education and training until they became exotic celebrities.

Fitz Roy, an inveterate believer, had other plans: to bring them back to Tierra del Fuego where they would assume the role of Anglican missionaries among their own.

Colony of sea lions, Beagle Channel, Evolution, Darwin, Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego

Sea lions huddled on high rocks in the Beagle Channel.

As we explore Isla de Los Lobos and Isla de Los Pajaros we find only noisy and conflicting colonies of sea lions, seals, loons, penguins and others that certainly dazzled Darwin.

Neither on dry land nor on the rocky islets that dot the Beagle Channel do we detect any signs of human life. It reinforces the border mysticism of those confines.

Pinguineira, Beagle Channel, Evolution, Darwin, Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego

Isolated clan of the penguin tree of Martillo Island.

The Return of Jemmy Button and the Yaghan Indigenous Approach

With Fitz Roy and Darwin, things turned out differently.

As soon as they detected the familiar shapes of the territory they once lived in, the three kidnapped Yaghan rejoiced in the imminence of their return. Dozens of natives appeared on top of the cliffs, followed the ship along the coast, and shouted at the crew for hours on end.

The next morning, Fitz Roy decided to establish contact with the indigenous people. The group that landed offered them bright red fabric. The natives were immediately friendly.

An improvised dialogue ensued in which Jemmy Button – the most famous of the kidnapped natives – acted as interpreter.

Jemmy Button, Beagle Channel, Evolution, Darwin, Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego

Actor on the Beagle Show plays Jemmy Button, a native who was taken by the Beagle expedition to England and turned into a dandi.

Darwin was astonished by the natives' ability and tendency to imitate the gestures and words of the English – they even managed to repeat entire sentences.

And he described his unceremonious initial impression: “these poor bastards didn't grow up as they should, their hideous faces smeared with white paint, their dirty and greasy skin, their disheveled hair and discordant voices, their violent and undignified gestures .

Seeing such men, we can hardly believe that they are similar creatures and inhabitants of the same world”.

It was just the first of many contacts the naturalist had with the natives. And if Darwin quickly got used to analyzing them from an anthropological perspective, Fitz Roy persisted in his idea of ​​establishing Anglican missions. Despite several desperate setbacks, it was relatively successful.

A Short Navigation on the Nearest Beagle Channel

Almost 200 years too late to follow the original events, we focus on the best that sailing can offer us and on feeling the historical trail of the place.

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, Beagle Channel, Evolution, Darwin, Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego

Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, in the middle of the Beagle Channel, a few miles from Ushuaia

We go around the emblematic Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, reverse the route and return to the starting point. Even surprised by a thunderstorm, we disembarked safely.

Without waiting, that night, with our feet firmly on the ground, we continued to follow the adventure of the captain and the scientist.

The recent influx of visitors coming from the north and interested in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, was the mobile that Raúl Podetti – a businessman with other businesses in Argentina – was looking for to put into practice a cultural project he kept up his sleeve: to stage a multimedia show that reconstituted the adventures of Fitz Roy and Charles Darwin in Tierra del Fuego.

Beagle Channel, Evolution, Darwin, Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego

Charles Darwin's historical figure at the entrance to the Beagle Show show once on display in Ushuaia.

To this end, he erected a replica of the HMS Beagle brigantine supported by an adjacent room.

The Beagle Center and the Beagle Show Theatrical Reenactment

Thus, the Beagle Center was created. That's where an underpaid mix of young actors Fuegians e porteños (from Buenos Aires) combine scenography, puppets, giant puppets, black theater, shadow play and special effects, all taking place on a stage that mimics the deck of the original ship, overlooking the homonymous canal.

Apart from the Beagle show, the Beagle Center is also a bar, lounge and dining room. After the show, the audience meets some of the actors and extras.

You can dine there, either in a space that alludes to XNUMXth century Plymouth – the English port from which the HMS Beagle set sail – or in another adjacent one, which imitates the villages and Yaghan and Yamaná canoes found by Fitz Roy and Darwin along the canals.

In the latter, the tables are lit by small bonfires similar to those that almost always warmed the indigenous people and that ended up causing European navigators to name the region as Tierra del Fuego.

We found the show more fun than we expected. We ended up staying for dinner. During an affable conversation with the director, we got permission to photograph a new showing of the show with full backstage access.

Two days later we returned. The action is already taking place when one of the extra boys leads us through dark corridors and stairs to the dressing room area.

Shadow of the "Beagle Show", Beagle Channel, Evolution, Darwin, Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego

Silhouette of Darwin and Captain Fitz Roy during one of their dissertations on the origin of beings and their evolution.

Beagle Show's Hectic Backstage

We pass by the also dimly lit stage where Fitz Roy introduces his epic. And we find the wooden booths in which the other actors get dressed and undressed.

As is to be expected in that world of sailors, there are no women in the cast. We came across messy dressing rooms, full of paintings and messages written on the walls and a certain odor of testosterone.

At first, almost everyone is surprised by the presence of the foreign couple, but short conversations in Castilian break the ice. They give rise to jokes and jokes that almost always amuse us. Prevailing mirrors confuse the order of things and help to disrupt time.

It's our fault, in more than one scene, Arius and Marcos – the actors who play Fitz Roy and Darwin – have to run out to avoid breaking the sequence of the performance.

And among wigs, sailors' outfits, brooms and ironing boards, the rest line up in the hallway, puppets in hand and prepared to join the protagonists in a long musical scene. The group acts and lives for months in Tierra del Fuego.

You share an intimacy that doesn't always prove healthy. Backstage, two extras push each other and exchange insults: “Shut chubby!” or having faith in the strong accent Buenos Aires"cajate boludo” is the expression that gives rise to exaggeration and the joke goes wrong.

While the show continues, the two post-teenagers end up getting involved in a child's brawl that only ends with the intervention of several colleagues. We don't know what to say nor do we have anything to say.

That was the real backstage show and it just occurs to us to keep shooting. But the use of flash is prohibited from the start and everything takes place in a dim area under the stage.

It wasn't just in true history that Fitz Roy commanded the Beagle. Arius returns from the long dramatic monologue in which he confesses his disillusionment with Darwin's heretical ideas. He finds out about what is happening and heals the disagreement.

A little later, it is Marcos – Darwin – who appears. He informs us that he is just coming back for the final thanks. We took the opportunity to talk to him and take some relaxed portraits.

Beagle show, Beagle Channel, Evolution, Darwin, Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego

Beagle Show actors thank the audience in Ushuaia.

As we are told, the Beagle Show once had more viewers and better financial health. The guys in the cast enjoy your work as much as they can.

Something that neither Fitz Roy nor Darwin could ever enjoy: the cozy nightlife of Ushuaia.

Cape of Good Hope - Cape of Good Hope NP, South Africa

On the edge of the Old End of the World

We arrived where great Africa yielded to the domains of the “Mostrengo” Adamastor and the Portuguese navigators trembled like sticks. There, where Earth was, after all, far from ending, the sailors' hope of rounding the tenebrous Cape was challenged by the same storms that continue to ravage there.
Mactan, Cebu, Philippines

Magellan's Quagmire

Almost 19 months of pioneering and troubled navigation around the world had elapsed when the Portuguese explorer made the mistake of his life. In the Philippines, the executioner Datu Lapu Lapu preserves the honors of a hero. In Mactan, his tanned statue with a tribal superhero look overlaps the mangrove swamp of tragedy.
Boat Trips

For Those Becoming Internet Sick

Hop on and let yourself go on unmissable boat trips like the Philippine archipelago of Bacuit and the frozen sea of ​​the Finnish Gulf of Bothnia.
Salta and Jujuy, Argentina

Through the Highlands of Deep Argentina

A tour through the provinces of Salta and Jujuy takes us to discover a country with no sign of the pampas. Vanished in the Andean vastness, these ends of the Northwest of Argentina have also been lost in time.
Rapa Nui - Easter Island, Chile

Under the Moais Watchful Eye

Rapa Nui was discovered by Europeans on Easter Day 1722. But if the Christian name Easter Island makes sense, the civilization that colonized it by observant moais remains shrouded in mystery.
Chiang Khong - Luang Prabang, , Laos

Slow Boat, Down the Mekong River

Laos' beauty and lower cost are good reasons to sail between Chiang Khong and Luang Prabang. But this long descent of the Mekong River can be as exhausting as it is picturesque.
Ushuaia, Argentina

The Last of the Southern Cities

The capital of Tierra del Fuego marks the southern threshold of civilization. From Ushuaia depart numerous incursions to the frozen continent. None of these play and run adventures compares to life in the final city.
Puerto Natales-Puerto Montt, Chile

Cruise on board a Freighter

After a long begging of backpackers, the Chilean company NAVIMAG decided to admit them on board. Since then, many travelers have explored the Patagonian canals, side by side with containers and livestock.
Ushuaia, Argentina

Last Station: End of the World

Until 1947, the Tren del Fin del Mundo made countless trips for the inmates of the Ushuaia prison to cut firewood. Today, passengers are different, but no other train goes further south.
Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

The Resisting Glacier

Warming is supposedly global, but not everywhere. In Patagonia, some rivers of ice resist. From time to time, the advance of the Perito Moreno causes landslides that bring Argentina to a halt.
El Chalten, Argentina

The Granite Appeal of Patagonia

Two stone mountains have created a border dispute between Argentina and Chile. But these countries are not the only suitors. The Fitz Roy and Torre hills have long attracted die-hard climbers
Esteros del Iberá, Pantanal Argentina, Alligator
Iberá Wetlands, Argentina

The Pantanal of the Pampas

On the world map, south of the famous brazilian wetland, a little-known flooded region appears, but almost as vast and rich in biodiversity. the Guarani expression Y bera defines it as “shining waters”. The adjective fits more than its strong luminance.
Hikers on the Ice Lake Trail, Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
Annapurna (circuit)
Annapurna Circuit: 7th - Braga - Ice Lake, Nepal

Annapurna Circuit – The Painful Acclimatization of the Ice Lake

On the way up to the Ghyaru village, we had a first and unexpected show of how ecstatic the Annapurna Circuit can be tasted. Nine kilometers later, in Braga, due to the need to acclimatize, we climbed from 3.470m from Braga to 4.600m from Lake Kicho Tal. We only felt some expected tiredness and the increase in the wonder of the Annapurna Mountains.
Music Theater and Exhibition Hall, Tbilisi, Georgia
Architecture & Design
Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia still Perfumed by the Rose Revolution

In 2003, a popular political uprising made the sphere of power in Georgia tilt from East to West. Since then, the capital Tbilisi has not renounced its centuries of Soviet history, nor the revolutionary assumption of integrating into Europe. When we visit, we are dazzled by the fascinating mix of their past lives.
Tibetan heights, altitude sickness, mountain prevent to treat, travel

Altitude Sickness: the Grievances of Getting Mountain Sick

When traveling, it happens that we find ourselves confronted with the lack of time to explore a place as unmissable as it is high. Medicine and previous experiences with Altitude Evil dictate that we should not risk ascending in a hurry.
Conflicted Way
Ceremonies and Festivities
Jerusalem, Israel

Through the Belicious Streets of Via Dolorosa

In Jerusalem, while traveling the Via Dolorosa, the most sensitive believers realize how difficult the peace of the Lord is to achieve in the most disputed streets on the face of the earth.
Candia, Tooth of Buddha, Ceylon, lake
Kandy, Sri Lanka

The Dental Root of Sinhalese Buddhism

Located in the mountainous heart of Sri Lanka, at the end of the XNUMXth century, Kandy became the capital of the last kingdom of old Ceylon and resisted successive colonial conquest attempts. The city also preserved and exhibited a sacred tooth of the Buddha and, thus, became Ceylon's Buddhist center.
Obese resident of Tupola Tapaau, a small island in Western Samoa.
Tonga, Western Samoa, Polynesia

XXL Pacific

For centuries, the natives of the Polynesian islands subsisted on land and sea. Until the intrusion of colonial powers and the subsequent introduction of fatty pieces of meat, fast food and sugary drinks have spawned a plague of diabetes and obesity. Today, while much of Tonga's national GDP, Western Samoa and neighbors is wasted on these “western poisons”, fishermen barely manage to sell their fish.
Visitors to Ernest Hemingway's Home, Key West, Florida, United States
Key West, United States

Hemingway's Caribbean Playground

Effusive as ever, Ernest Hemingway called Key West "the best place I've ever been...". In the tropical depths of the contiguous US, he found evasion and crazy, drunken fun. And the inspiration to write with intensity to match.
Reindeer Racing, Kings Cup, Inari, Finland
Inari, Finland

The Wackiest Race on the Top of the World

Finland's Lapps have been competing in the tow of their reindeer for centuries. In the final of the Kings Cup - Porokuninkuusajot - , they face each other at great speed, well above the Arctic Circle and well below zero.
Horses under a snow, Iceland Never Ending Snow Island Fire
Husavik a Myvatn, Iceland

Endless Snow on the Island of Fire

When, in mid-May, Iceland already enjoys some sun warmth but the cold and snow persist, the inhabitants give in to an intriguing summer anxiety.
Unusual bathing

south of Belize

The Strange Life in the Black Caribbean Sun

On the way to Guatemala, we see how the proscribed existence of the Garifuna people, descendants of African slaves and Arawak Indians, contrasts with that of several much more airy bathing areas.

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Got2Globe Photo Portfolio
Portfolio Got2globe

The Best in the World – Got2Globe Portfolio

Salto Negao, chapada diamantina, bahia gema, brazil
Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

Gem-stone Bahia

Until the end of the century. In the XNUMXth century, Chapada Diamantina was a land of immeasurable prospecting and ambitions. Now that diamonds are rare, outsiders are eager to discover its plateaus and underground galleries
Dominica, Soufriére and Scotts Head, island background
Soufriere e Scotts Head, Dominica

The Life That Hangs from Nature's Caribbean Island

It has the reputation of being the wildest island in the Caribbean and, having reached its bottom, we continue to confirm it. From Soufriére to the inhabited southern edge of Scotts Head, Dominica remains extreme and difficult to tame.
Era Susi towed by dog, Oulanka, Finland
Winter White
PN Oulanka, Finland

A Slightly Lonesome Wolf

Jukka “Era-Susi” Nordman has created one of the largest packs of sled dogs in the world. He became one of Finland's most iconic characters but remains faithful to his nickname: Wilderness Wolf.
View from the top of Mount Vaea and the tomb, Vailima village, Robert Louis Stevenson, Upolu, Samoa
Upolu, Samoa

Stevenson's Treasure Island

At age 30, the Scottish writer began looking for a place to save him from his cursed body. In Upolu and the Samoans, he found a welcoming refuge to which he gave his heart and soul.
São Jorge, Azores, Fajã dos Vimes
São Jorge, Azores

From Fajã to Fajã

In the Azores, strips of habitable land at the foot of large cliffs abound. No other island has as many fajãs as the more than 70 in the slender and elevated São Jorge. It was in them that the jorgenses settled. Their busy Atlantic lives rest on them.
Mother Armenia Statue, Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia

A Capital between East and West

Heiress of the Soviet civilization, aligned with the great Russia, Armenia allows itself to be seduced by the most democratic and sophisticated ways of Western Europe. In recent times, the two worlds have collided in the streets of your capital. From popular and political dispute, Yerevan will dictate the new course of the nation.
Glass Bottom Boats, Kabira Bay, Ishigaki
Natural Parks
Ishigaki, Japan

The Exotic Japanese Tropics

Ishigaki is one of the last islands in the stepping stone that stretches between Honshu and Taiwan. Ishigakijima is home to some of the most amazing beaches and coastal scenery in these parts of the Pacific Ocean. More and more Japanese who visit them enjoy them with little or no bathing.
Shuri Castle in Naha, Okinawa the Empire of the Sun, Japan
UNESCO World Heritage
Okinawa, Japan

The Little Empire of the Sun

Risen from the devastation caused by World War II, Okinawa has regained the heritage of its secular Ryukyu civilization. Today, this archipelago south of Kyushu is home to a Japan on the shore, anchored by a turquoise Pacific ocean and bathed in a peculiar Japanese tropicalism.
Correspondence verification
Rovaniemi, Finland

From the Finnish Lapland to the Arctic. A Visit to the Land of Santa

Fed up with waiting for the bearded old man to descend down the chimney, we reverse the story. We took advantage of a trip to Finnish Lapland and passed through its furtive home.
Moorea aerial view
Moorea, French Polynesia

The Polynesian Sister Any Island Would Like to Have

A mere 17km from Tahiti, Moorea does not have a single city and is home to a tenth of its inhabitants. Tahitians have long watched the sun go down and transform the island next door into a misty silhouette, only to return to its exuberant colors and shapes hours later. For those who visit these remote parts of the Pacific, getting to know Moorea is a double privilege.
Police intervention, ultra-Orthodox Jews, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel
Jaffa, Israel

Unorthodox protests

A building in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, threatened to desecrate what ultra-Orthodox Jews thought were remnants of their ancestors. And even the revelation that they were pagan tombs did not deter them from the contestation.
Train Fianarantsoa to Manakara, Malagasy TGV, locomotive
On Rails
Fianarantsoa-Manakara, Madagascar

On board the Malagasy TGV

We depart Fianarantsoa at 7a.m. It wasn't until 3am the following morning that we completed the 170km to Manakara. The natives call this almost secular train Train Great Vibrations. During the long journey, we felt, very strongly, those of the heart of Madagascar.
Walter Peak, Queenstown, New Zealand
New Zealand  

When Counting Sheep causes Sleep Loss

20 years ago, New Zealand had 18 sheep per inhabitant. For political and economic reasons, the average was halved. In the antipodes, many breeders are worried about their future.
Fruit sellers, Swarm, Mozambique
Daily life
Enxame Mozambique

Mozambican Fashion Service Area

It is repeated at almost all stops in towns of Mozambique worthy of appearing on maps. The machimbombo (bus) stops and is surrounded by a crowd of eager "businessmen". The products offered can be universal such as water or biscuits or typical of the area. In this region, a few kilometers from Nampula, fruit sales suceeded, in each and every case, quite intense.
savuti, botswana, elephant-eating lions
Savuti, Botswana

Savuti's Elephant-Eating Lions

A patch of the Kalahari Desert dries up or is irrigated depending on the region's tectonic whims. In Savuti, lions have become used to depending on themselves and prey on the largest animals in the savannah.
Full Dog Mushing
Scenic Flights
Seward, Alaska

The Alaskan Dog Mushing Summer

It's almost 30 degrees and the glaciers are melting. In Alaska, entrepreneurs have little time to get rich. Until the end of August, dog mushing cannot stop.