Perth, Australia

the lonely city

Aussie lights from Ribalta
Dusk brings the skyscrapers of Perth's Central Business District to the fore.
semi-marsupial souvenir
City visitors are photographed next to a kangaroo statue in the vicinity of two city dwellers.
urban temple
Trinity Unity Church, one of several historic churches in Perth, clad in small bricks.
different but equal
Siahne Rogers and Channelle Rogers, twin sisters from Perth dressed and made up for a late-afternoon and evening outing in the ever-lively Perth.
London Fashion
The London Court arcade was built in 1937 by Claude de Bernales, a wealthy miner and financier. It had residential and commercial functions. Today, it is one of Perth's main attractions.
stretch time
Runners stretch atop Jacob's Ladder overlooking the Swam River estuary and the Indian Ocean.
anglican architecture
A classic British building opposite the Perth State Library, in a square that brings together many of the city's student youth.
Occasional photo
Friends are photographed next to the fence illustrated with historic Australian images.
Rotating Vertigo
Ferries Wheel Skyview at full throttle in front of Perth's CBD (Central Business District).
street scene
Passersby meet at an intersection.
church among companies
The church of Saint Andrew, in the heart of Perth's administrative center and in stark contrast to many other modern, high-rise buildings in the city.
Enlightened conviviality
Customers in a bar full of musical posters and paper lamps chat after a day of studying and working.
More 2000km away from a worthy counterpart, Perth is considered the most remote city on the face of the Earth. Despite being isolated between the Indian Ocean and the vast Outback, few people complain.

We find in Perth a cozy holiday atmosphere similar to the one we admire so much in Portugal.

We ended up staying there for almost a month, totaling one year long trip around the world. During this period, we were part of several lives.

Mike Roach had moved from Sydney, looking for a better-paying job raising funding for NGO projects. Newly arrived, he didn't know anyone and needed company.

We found in the couple Merlin Eden and Ditte Strebel a true marital mystery of the city. Merlin's parents were from Denmark and lived in this village on the south coast of Western Australia that was home to mostly ex-hippies and other marginal souls.

We've always struggled to believe in the coincidence but, as the story has been told, Merlin went on a holiday with his parents to Denmark and there he met the Danish Ditte, who bewitched with ease.

She decided to move to Australia to live there with her fiance. They bought a small house in one of Perth's dreamy neighborhoods, Mount Lawley, in the middle of garden villas, arranged among shady trees. Merlin spent his time in the office devoted to his multimedia animation projects.

Alone, for most of the day, Ditte was still looking for a job that would match her qualifications.

church among companies

The church of Saint Andrew, in the heart of the administrative center of the lonely city of Perth and in stark contrast to many other modern, high-rise buildings in the city.

All these characters had just arrived. All of them ended up overcoming the initial difficulties of adaptation and would soon share the famous perth host with millions of other newly migrated fellow citizens.

Australia's Opening to Immigrant Australians

Even if some of the descendants of the pioneer settlers continue to disagree with the over-openness of the Aussie nation, at one point the remote location of the big island and the vast desert domain of the interior were strong reasons the authorities had to address the obvious stagnation of the population. .

More than two centuries after the start of British colonization, the sixth largest country of the world it now has a little more than twice the population of Portugal (23.400.000), the 110th country, in terms of area.

These numbers, considered only acceptable, were only made possible by the intensive admission of emigrants with different origins. Perth, in particular, soon became aware of his forced retreat in Southwest Australia.

The capital of Western Australia is less than Timor, Singapore or from Jakarta than from Melbourne or Sydney. The closest city worthy of the name, Adelaide, is a modest 2104km away. No wonder, therefore, that Perth had to attract residents.

At the end of World War II, waves from dozens of European nationalities flocked in in search of a new southern life. Recently, the spectrum has broadened.

A new asian invasion has been consolidated as immigrants and temporary students from the Middle East and from countries like South Korea, China: Japan, India: VietnamThe Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Among others.

semi-marsupial souvenir

City visitors photograph themselves next to a kangaroo statue in close proximity to two residents of Perth, the lonely city.

And even some African countries - with emphasis on the South Africa, Somalia and Sudan – are now represented among the 1.6 million people who make Perth Australia's fourth largest city.

During a train journey from Mount Lawley towards the center or a short walk through its streets, we detect countless exotic and disparate visuals and the same amount of dialects.

Among the turbans, saris, slanted eyes and skins as black or blacker than that of the marginalized Aboriginal Noongar – who before the arrival of the Europeans were lords of the region – or at the table of countless ethnic restaurants, the genetic complexity of this one can easily be seen. melting pot but also the advantages with which the city holds you.

In southern summer, in the good Mediterranean style, the sun warms the Australian Southwest every day. And although the Freemantle Doctor is almost always blowing hard, maximum temperatures are often over 35ºC.

Coming from the outside, we soon realized the importance of warmth and leisure. We found the city to be a kind of economic miracle that Mike and Ditte were also determined to be part of.

Aussie lights from Ribalta

Dusk brings out the skyscrapers of Perth's Central Business District, Australia's lonely city.

The Pragmatic Productivity of Lone Perth

Each year, Perth's GDP grows significantly faster than the national average, but the city shows little sign of commitment. It is true that the mirrored skyscrapers of the CBD (Central Business District) rise well above the predominant stain of ground-floor houses.

In general, the population seems more concerned with relaxing and having fun than with producing and making money. As in other parts of Australia, shops and services do not open until nine in the morning.

London Fashion

The London Court arcade was built in 1937 by Claude de Bernales, a wealthy miner and financier. It had residential and commercial functions. Today, it is one of Perth's main attractions.

However, around four-thirty, the employees are already focused on ensuring a punctual closing, even if they interrupt customers' meals to do so, as they did to us more than once: “Sorry mate, it's time to go surfin'.

From the end of the afternoon, the shopping and service areas are deserted, with the exception of a few playful refuges where, as part of celebration for the recent stampede of jobs, sloppy executives collide countless mugs of beer.

Enlightened conviviality

Customers in a bar full of musical posters and paper lamps chat after a day of studying and working.

Bars and restaurants in the center and on the long Esplanade remain open, overlooking the blue waters of the Swan River and the yachts and speedboats where the luckiest heirs, entrepreneurs and speculators explore the Australian Indian coast.

After Work, the Inescapable Ritual of Sport and Well-Being

Even before the obligatory socializing, some residents have the habit of spending an hour or two on the nearest beaches or simply playing sports.

The banks of the Swan become an authentic lane shared by cyclists, athletes and skaters. Right next door, the Jacob Ladder (a stairway that cuts the way to the heights of Kings Park) is the challenge chosen by the most radicals, including the always in shape Ditte.

When we walk through it, in the middle of jogging rush hour and like other conventional users, we have difficulty reaching the top such is the amount of masochists that go up and down until exhaustion.

Kings Park's lawns and panoramic balconies are, for many, the reward that replaces Jacob's biblical heaven.

stretch time

Runners stretch atop Jacob's Ladder overlooking the Swam River estuary and the Indian Ocean.

With or without the contribution of sport, it is the general well-being of the population, in symbiosis with the financial health of the city, that makes The Economist magazine place Perth, year after year, in the Top Five worldwide for quality of urban life , something that also helps to attract thousands of new potential immigrants.

Australia and remote Perth have had the luxury of selecting them with exacting criteria.

Valletta, Malta

An ex-Humble Amazing Capital

At the time of its foundation, the Order of Knights Hospitaller called it "the most humble". Over the centuries, the title ceased to serve him. In 2018, Valletta was the tiniest European Capital of Culture ever and one of the most steeped in history and dazzling in memory.
Perth to Albany, Australia

Across the Far West of Australia

Few people worship evasion like the aussies. With southern summer in full swing and the weekend just around the corner, Perthians are taking refuge from the urban routine in the nation's southwest corner. For our part, without compromise, we explore endless Western Australia to its southern limit.
Sydney, Australia

From the Exile of Criminals to an Exemplary City

The first of the Australian colonies was built by exiled inmates. Today, Sydney's Aussies boast former convicts of their family tree and pride themselves on the cosmopolitan prosperity of the megalopolis they inhabit.
Couchsurfing (Part 1)

Mi Casa, Su Casa

In 2003, a new online community globalized an old landscape of hospitality, conviviality and interests. Today, Couchsurfing welcomes millions of travelers, but it shouldn't be taken lightly.

Homes Sweet Homes

Few species are more social and gregarious than humans. Man tends to emulate other homes sweet homes in the world. Some of these houses are impressive.
Melbourne, Australia

An "Asienated" Australia

Cultural capital aussie, Melbourne is also frequently voted the best quality of life city in the world. Nearly a million eastern emigrants took advantage of this immaculate welcome.
Discovering tassie, Part 1 - Hobart, Australia

Australia's Backdoor

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania and the southernmost of Australia, was colonized by thousands of convicts from England. Unsurprisingly, its population maintains a strong admiration for marginal ways of life.
Brasilia, Brazil

Brasília: from Utopia to the Capital and Political Arena of Brazil

Since the days of the Marquis of Pombal, there has been talk of transferring the capital to the interior. Today, the chimera city continues to look surreal but dictates the rules of Brazilian development.
Perth, Australia

The Oceania Cowboys

Texas is on the other side of the world, but there is no shortage of cowboys in the country of koalas and kangaroos. Outback rodeos recreate the original version and 8 seconds lasts no less in the Australian Western.
Perth, Australia

Australia Day: In Honor of the Foundation, Mourning for Invasion

26/1 is a controversial date in Australia. While British settlers celebrate it with barbecues and lots of beer, Aborigines celebrate the fact that they haven't been completely wiped out.
Oslo, Norway

A Overcapitalized Capital

One of Norway's problems has been deciding how to invest the billions of euros from its record-breaking sovereign wealth fund. But even immoderate resources don't save Oslo from its social inconsistencies.
Melbourne, Australia

The Football the Australians Rule

Although played since 1841, Australian Football has only conquered part of the big island. Internationalization has never gone beyond paper, held back by competition from rugby and classical football.
Serengeti, Great Savannah Migration, Tanzania, wildebeest on river
Serengeti NP, Tanzania

The Great Migration of the Endless Savanna

In these prairies that the Masai people say syringet (run forever), millions of wildebeests and other herbivores chase the rains. For predators, their arrival and that of the monsoon are the same salvation.
Braga or Braka or Brakra in Nepal
Annapurna (circuit)
Annapurna Circuit: 6th – Braga, Nepal

The Ancient Nepal of Braga

Four days of walking later, we slept at 3.519 meters from Braga (Braka). Upon arrival, only the name is familiar to us. Faced with the mystical charm of the town, arranged around one of the oldest and most revered Buddhist monasteries on the Annapurna circuit, we continued our journey there. acclimatization with ascent to Ice Lake (4620m).
Sculptural Garden, Edward James, Xilitla, Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Cobra dos Pecados
Architecture & Design
Xilitla, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Edward James' Mexican Delirium

In the rainforest of Xilitla, the restless mind of poet Edward James has twinned an eccentric home garden. Today, Xilitla is lauded as an Eden of the Surreal.
Bungee jumping, Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, the Queen of Extreme Sports

In the century. XVIII, the Kiwi government proclaimed a mining village on the South Island "fit for a queen".Today's extreme scenery and activities reinforce the majestic status of ever-challenging Queenstown.
The Crucifixion in Helsinki
Ceremonies and Festivities
Helsinki, Finland

A Frigid-Scholarly Via Crucis

When Holy Week arrives, Helsinki shows its belief. Despite the freezing cold, little dressed actors star in a sophisticated re-enactment of Via Crucis through streets full of spectators.
San Juan, Old Town, Puerto Rico, Reggaeton, Flag on Gate
San Juan, Puerto Rico (Part 2)

To the Rhythm of Reggaeton

Restless and inventive Puerto Ricans have made San Juan the reggaeton capital of the world. At the preferred beat of the nation, they filled their “Walled City” with other arts, color and life.
Singapore Asian Capital Food, Basmati Bismi

The Asian Food Capital

There were 4 ethnic groups in Singapore, each with its own culinary tradition. Added to this was the influence of thousands of immigrants and expatriates on an island with half the area of ​​London. It was the nation with the greatest gastronomic diversity in the Orient.

The World on Stage

All over the world, each nation, region or town and even neighborhood has its own culture. When traveling, nothing is more rewarding than admiring, live and in loco, which makes them unique.
combat arbiter, cockfighting, philippines

When Only Cock Fights Wake Up the Philippines

Banned in much of the First World, cockfighting thrives in the Philippines where they move millions of people and pesos. Despite its eternal problems, it is the sabong that most stimulates the nation.
Homer, Alaska, Kachemak Bay
Anchorage to Homer, USA

Journey to the End of the Alaskan Road

If Anchorage became the great city of the 49th US state, Homer, 350km away, is its most famous dead end. Veterans of these parts consider this strange tongue of land sacred ground. They also venerate the fact that, from there, they cannot continue anywhere.
Camel Racing, Desert Festival, Sam Sam Dunes, Rajasthan, India
Jaisalmer, India

There's a Feast in the Thar Desert

As soon as the short winter breaks, Jaisalmer indulges in parades, camel races, and turban and mustache competitions. Its walls, alleys and surrounding dunes take on more color than ever. During the three days of the event, natives and outsiders watch, dazzled, as the vast and inhospitable Thar finally shines through.
Portfolio, Got2Globe, Best Images, Photography, Images, Cleopatra, Dioscorides, Delos, Greece
Got2Globe Photo Portfolio
Got2Globe Portfolio

The Earthly and the Celestial

Albreda, Gambia, Queue
Bar a Kunta Kinteh, Gâmbia

Journey to the Origins of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

One of the main commercial arteries of West Africa, in the middle of the XNUMXth century, the Gambia River was already navigated by Portuguese explorers. Until the XNUMXth century, much of the slavery perpetrated by the colonial powers of the Old World flowed along its waters and banks.
Willemstad, Curacao, Punda, Handelskade
Willemstad, Curaçao

The Multicultural Heart of Curaçao

A Dutch colony in the Caribbean became a major slave hub. It welcomed Sephardic Jews who had taken refuge from the Iberia Inquisition in Amsterdam and Recife. And it assimilated influences from the Portuguese and Spanish villages with which it traded. At the heart of this secular cultural fusion has always been its old capital: Willemstad.
Northern Lights, Laponia, Rovaniemi, Finland, Fire Fox
Winter White
Lapland, Finland

In Search of the Fire Fox

Unique to the heights of the Earth are the northern or southern auroras, light phenomena generated by solar explosions. You Sami natives from Lapland they believed it to be a fiery fox that spread sparkles in the sky. Whatever they are, not even the nearly 30 degrees below zero that were felt in the far north of Finland could deter us from admiring them.
Couple visiting Mikhaylovskoe, village where writer Alexander Pushkin had a home
Saint Petersburg e Mikhaylovkoe, Russia

The Writer Who Succumbed to His Own Plot

Alexander Pushkin is hailed by many as the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature. But Pushkin also dictated an almost tragicomic epilogue to his prolific life.
Levada do Caldeirão Verde, Madeira, Portugal, highlands
Levada do Caldeirão Verde, Madeira, Portugal

Upstream, Downstream

It is just one of over a hundred prodigious canal systems that Madeirans built to irrigate crops. Its verdant, steep and dramatic scenery makes visitors to the island flow continuously along the Levada of Caldeirão Verde.
Mother Armenia Statue, Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia

A Capital between East and West

Heiress of the Soviet civilization, aligned with the great Russia, Armenia allows itself to be seduced by the most democratic and sophisticated ways of Western Europe. In recent times, the two worlds have collided in the streets of your capital. From popular and political dispute, Yerevan will dictate the new course of the nation.
View from John Ford Point, Monument Valley, Nacao Navajo, United States
Natural Parks
Monument Valley, USA

Indians or Cowboys?

Iconic Western filmmakers like John Ford immortalized what is the largest Indian territory in the United States. Today, in the Navajo Nation, the Navajo also live in the shoes of their old enemies.
The Dominican Republic Balnear de Barahona, Balneario Los Patos
UNESCO World Heritage
Barahona, Dominican Republic

The Bathing Dominican Republic of Barahona

Saturday after Saturday, the southwest corner of the Dominican Republic goes into decompression mode. Little by little, its seductive beaches and lagoons welcome a tide of euphoric people who indulge in a peculiar rumbear amphibian.
Ooty, Tamil Nadu, Bollywood Scenery, Heartthrob's Eye
Ooty, India

In Bollywood's Nearly Ideal Setting

The conflict with Pakistan and the threat of terrorism made filming in Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh a drama. In Ooty, we see how this former British colonial station took the lead.
Fisherman maneuvers boat near Bonete Beach, Ilhabela, Brazil
Ilhabela, Brazil

In Ilhabela, on the way to Bonete

A community of caiçaras descendants of pirates founded a village in a corner of Ilhabela. Despite the difficult access, Bonete was discovered and considered one of the ten best beaches in Brazil.
shadow vs light
Kyoto, Japan

The Kyoto Temple Reborn from the Ashes

The Golden Pavilion has been spared destruction several times throughout history, including that of US-dropped bombs, but it did not withstand the mental disturbance of Hayashi Yoken. When we admired him, he looked like never before.
Train Fianarantsoa to Manakara, Malagasy TGV, locomotive
On Rails
Fianarantsoa-Manakara, Madagascar

On board the Malagasy TGV

We depart Fianarantsoa at 7a.m. It wasn't until 3am the following morning that we completed the 170km to Manakara. The natives call this almost secular train Train Great Vibrations. During the long journey, we felt, very strongly, those of the heart of Madagascar.
Tokyo, Japan catteries, customers and sphynx cat
Tokyo, Japan

Disposable Purrs

Tokyo is the largest of the metropolises but, in its tiny apartments, there is no place for pets. Japanese entrepreneurs detected the gap and launched "catteries" in which the feline affections are paid by the hour.
Saksun, Faroe Islands, Streymoy, warning
Daily life
Saksun, StreymoyFaroe Islands

The Faroese Village That Doesn't Want to be Disneyland

Saksun is one of several stunning small villages in the Faroe Islands that more and more outsiders visit. It is distinguished by the aversion to tourists of its main rural owner, author of repeated antipathies and attacks against the invaders of his land.
Lake Manyara, National Park, Ernest Hemingway, Giraffes
Lake Manyara NP, Tanzania

Hemingway's Favorite Africa

Situated on the western edge of the Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park is one of the smallest but charming and richest in Europe. wild life of Tanzania. In 1933, between hunting and literary discussions, Ernest Hemingway dedicated a month of his troubled life to him. He narrated those adventurous safari days in “The Green Hills of Africa".
Full Dog Mushing
Scenic Flights
Seward, Alaska

The Alaskan Dog Mushing Summer

It's almost 30 degrees and the glaciers are melting. In Alaska, entrepreneurs have little time to get rich. Until the end of August, dog mushing cannot stop.