Jaffa, Israel

Unorthodox protests

Haredim Jew reads passages from a mini-Torah.
Jew approaches a group of soldiers installed against a wall in front of the space allocated to the contest
conversation in day
IDF soldier in conversation at one of the barriers erected to contain the demonstration.
Peots-Utraorthodox Jew Jaffa Tel Aviv Israel
Haredim Protestant displays a message of protest to the public outside the railing.
Ultra-Ordox Jews locked in a fence imposed by the Tel Aviv police.
On my way
Ultra-Orthodox leaders cross a road on their way to the demonstration.
Orthodox Jews exchange views at a fence placed by Tel Aviv police
retirement home
Ultra-Orthodox Protestant sets in for what was supposed to be a long passive contestation
Holy Scriptures
Jewish leader draws inspiration from thoughtful Torah reading
Young Jew photographs the panorama outside the railing put up by Tel Aviv authorities.
Jewish photographer shows Protestants one of the images he has just taken.
Tel Aviv Police Carries Too Aggressive Protester
Removal Process
Tel Aviv Police Carries Too Aggressive Protester
A Patient Dialogue
Jewish Protestants talk during the demonstration.
In Conference
Haredim Orthodox Jews review protest strategies
A building in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, threatened to desecrate what ultra-Orthodox Jews thought were remnants of their ancestors. And even the revelation that they were pagan tombs did not deter them from the contestation.

Any distant sand storm fills the atmosphere over the central coast of Israel with dust, and the coastal road that runs along Tel Aviv's Mediterranean beaches is no exception.

It's a little worrying for the countless athletes we see walking along it, but right next door, the flea market vendors east of Yekef Street don't let go of their dusters, determined to maintain a minimally dignified appearance for their relics and antiques.

By comparison, their bustle is utterly mundane to other countrymen involved in superior claims and battles.

The Unusual Contest of the Ultra-Orthodox Jews

We left the bazaar and walked towards the houses that occupy the slope of old Jaffa, but we never managed to complete the journey.

Our attention is caught by a black spot formed by a battalion of ultra-Orthodox Jews enclosed by blue metallic barriers and controlled by elements of the local police, dressed in military-looking uniforms and also by soldiers from the IDF – Israel Defense Forces.

Utra-Orthodox Jewish Manifestation, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Ultra-Ordox Jews locked in a fence imposed by the Tel Aviv police.

We hear spontaneous and stray cries, interspersed by groups other than one or the other Haredim with a leader profile makes a point of launching. We approached, curious, and wasted no time in getting a cursory explanation of such a strange noise from a policeman.

In 1993, during excavations of a work, archaeological remains were discovered in a cemetery in the Andromeda Hill neighborhood.

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish community became convinced that sacred ancestral tombs were to be found there and mounted an operation to protest against the desecration of the graves, unforgivable in the eyes of Judaism which professes the existence of life after death.

Message, Utraorthodox Jews, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Haredim Protestant displays a message of protest to the public outside the railing.

The matter quickly crossed seas and came to the judgment of powerful American Jews. As a result, the Central Rabbinical Congress determined that successive demonstrations be organized.

The Infernizado Project of the Luxury Hotel “Eden”

Several took place in front of the Manhattan home of real estate magnate Aby Rosen, meanwhile accused of, in a team with partner Michael Fuchs, perpetrating the heresy in order to continue with the construction of “Eden”, a luxury hotel with an estimated value of 480 millions of euros.

Two other protests, in particular, stood out for the impressive scale they reached. One concentrated 10.000 Orthodox Jews at the headquarters of RFR (the investor company) at 390 Park Avenue. The other took place in Washington and brought together around 7000 participants.

Police approach, utraorthodox Jewish demonstration, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Jew approaches a group of soldiers installed against a wall in front of the space allocated to the contest

More or less at the same time, in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh, protesting forces that frequently traveled by bus to Tel Aviv were assembled. We saw them come into action in the vicinity of the 3000-year-old cemetery.

Black and White Whispers and Conspiracies

First in expectation, some Haredim get together in small groups. They are dedicated to conspiring among themselves and share expressions of apparent delight that suggest that they have arrived at the ideal plan to beat the challengers.

Others concentrate on the pages of portable logs and rehearse prayer readings that are sure to prove the legitimacy of their convictions.

prayers, ultra-orthodox Jew, Jaffa, Tel Aviv Israel

Haredim Jew reads passages from a mini-Torah.

We notice how they vibrate with reading. And how they summon nearby believers to proudly show them the virtues of the most moving religious passages.

The black hats – borsalinos, fedoras, shtreimels, kolpiks, trilbys – and some kippahs protect us from the sun that breaks the dominant fog but does not hide the pet (straws that fall from the temples) that, with each movement, wave and stroke the full beard.

In conference, demonstration of ultra-Orthodox Jews, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Haredim Orthodox Jews review protest strategies

We notice an obvious predominance of rekels (black suits) but also some kaftans (black suits with gold and blue stripes) that confirm the presence of communities distinct from Judaism, such as Yerushalmi Haredim.

The Religious Appeasement of Rabbi Yithak Weiss

Some time later, Rabbi Yitzhak Tuvia Weiss – leader of the anti-Zionist sect Eda Haredit – arrives curiously by car, despite the fact that the entire area is closed to traffic.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Ultra-Orthodox leaders cross a road on their way to the demonstration.

Accompanied by a faithful following, this Rabbi immediately joins the ultra-Orthodox crowd and inaugurates a period of communal prayer. Then he retrieves the protests he unceremoniously conducts.

"We curse the health, family and livelihood of all those who participated in the desecration of these graves." shouts a Haredim already aware of the presence of foreign journalists. "All those involved in the damage to this cemetery and soil will pay with their lives - and these curses have proven real in the past."

After prayer and intimidation, the protesters try to leave the barriers that limit them and force the police cordon to go to the crime scene.

From Prayer to Action: Confrontation with the Police and the Military

When the agents stop them, they get into a physical confrontation and some arrests take place. Not satisfied, they throw stones, bottles and other objects at the police, at that time, already supported by special forces and even by a helicopter.

Police intervention, ultra-Orthodox Jews, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv Police Carries Too Aggressive Protester

A Jewish photographer who had previously fraternized with the Haredim records events avidly. But when the protesters are led back inside the fence, he resumes their fellowship and, at the request of the believers, shows them the most impactful photos of the unrest.

Photographer, demonstration, ultra-orthodox Jews, jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Jewish photographer shows Protestants one of the images he has just taken.

Soon after, he approaches us to try to understand where we come from and for which organ we work, concerned with the professional aspect of the photographic material we use and with the possible break of its, until then, undisputed exclusivity.

In a flash, Protestants regain their energy. They resume the verbal charge in chorus and call the IDF police and military “criminals” and “Nazis”. Some elements of Ethiopian ancestry in these forces are even given specific racist insults.

Authorities are ordered to move the demonstration to a public park nearby and the move rekindles the conflict. A higher instruction for the total demobilization of the Haredim.

These return to respond. They burn garbage cans and throw more stones. Two photographers who had arrived in the meantime are hit and one of them bleeds profusely from the head.

The riot escalates, but Israeli police and military agents are used to dealing with far worse problems. fulfill the orders, in three times.

police intervention, utraorthodox Jewish demonstration, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv Police Carries Too Aggressive Protester

One Apparent Resignation

It remains for Haredim the complaint. Erla Yekter, one of the organizers laments: “These people came here to pray and protest. If there is violence, it is only from the police, not from the Protestants.” And he reinforces his reasons: "people paid for the tombs and now they are going to build on top of them and sell the land they bought".

Months later, the Israeli Antiquities Authority announced the end of excavations, but not only. He had come to the conclusion that the graves in the controversial cemetery had nothing to do with Jewish ancestors.

They had been dated to the Byzantine and Persian eras and, in the tombs, among the human bones, were a jar with a fetus dating from 1800 to 2000 BC and bones of domesticated pigs, offerings that were common among the pagan populations that occupied the present day. territory of Israel.

Police approach, utraorthodox Jewish demonstration, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Jew approaches a group of soldiers installed against a wall in front of the space allocated to the contest

These conclusions did not convince the Haredim who continued to call for protests. More recently, the bones were transferred to a representative of the Ministry of Religious Services.

The Atra Kadisha sect – another organization responsible for the protest – continued to insist that they were Jews because the dead had been buried according to Jewish custom, with their backs turned and their heads pointing towards Jerusalem.

He also offered to organize a decent funeral for them.

Jerusalem, Israel

A Festive Wailing Wall

The holiest place in Judaism is not only attended by prayers and prayers. Its ancient stones have witnessed the oath of new IDF recruits for decades and echo the euphoric screams that follow.
Massada, Israel

Massada: The Ultimate Jewish Fortress

In AD 73, after months of siege, a Roman legion found that the resisters at the top of Masada had committed suicide. Once again Jewish, this fortress is now the supreme symbol of Zionist determination
Dead Sea, Israel

Afloat, in the Depths of the Earth

It is the lowest place on the surface of the planet and the scene of several biblical narratives. But the Dead Sea is also special because of the concentration of salt that makes life unfeasible but sustains those who bathe in it.
Saint John of Acre, Israel

The Fortress That Withstood Everything

It was a frequent target of the Crusades and taken over and over again. Today, Israeli, Acre is shared by Arabs and Jews. He lives much more peaceful and stable times than the ones he went through.
Tsfat (Safed), Israel

When the Kabbalah is a Victim of Itself

In the 50s, Tsfat brought together the artistic life of the young Israeli nation and regained its secular mystique. But famous converts like Madonna have come to disturb the most elemental Kabbalist discretion.
Jerusalem, Israel

Closer to God

Three thousand years of history as mystical as it is troubled come to life in Jerusalem. Worshiped by Christians, Jews and Muslims, this city radiates controversy but attracts believers from all over the world.
Jaffa, Israel

Where Tel Aviv Settles Always in Party

Tel Aviv is famous for the most intense night in the Middle East. But, if its youngsters are having fun until exhaustion in the clubs along the Mediterranean, it is more and more in the nearby Old Jaffa that they tie the knot.
Jerusalem, Israel

Through the Belicious Streets of Via Dolorosa

In Jerusalem, while traveling the Via Dolorosa, the most sensitive believers realize how difficult the peace of the Lord is to achieve in the most disputed streets on the face of the earth.
Holy Sepulcher Basilica, Jerusalem, Israel

The Supreme Temple of the Old Christian Churches

It was built by Emperor Constantine, on the site of Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection and an ancient temple of Venus. In its genesis, a Byzantine work, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher is, today, shared and disputed by various Christian denominations as the great unifying building of Christianity.
Jabula Beach, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Saint Lucia, South Africa

An Africa as Wild as Zulu

On the eminence of the coast of Mozambique, the province of KwaZulu-Natal is home to an unexpected South Africa. Deserted beaches full of dunes, vast estuarine swamps and hills covered with fog fill this wild land also bathed by the Indian Ocean. It is shared by the subjects of the always proud Zulu nation and one of the most prolific and diverse fauna on the African continent.
Yak Kharka to Thorong Phedi, Annapurna Circuit, Nepal, Yaks
Annapurna (circuit)
Annapurna Circuit 11th: yak karkha a Thorong Phedi, Nepal

Arrival to the Foot of the Canyon

In just over 6km, we climbed from 4018m to 4450m, at the base of Thorong La canyon. Along the way, we questioned if what we felt were the first problems of Altitude Evil. It was never more than a false alarm.
hacienda mucuyche, Yucatan, Mexico, canal
Architecture & Design
Yucatan, Mexico

Among Haciendas and Cenotes, through the History of Yucatan

Around the capital Merida, for every old hacienda henequenera there's at least one cenote. As happened with the semi-recovered Hacienda Mucuyché, together, they form some of the most sublime places in southeastern Mexico.

Totems, Botko Village, Malekula, Vanuatu
Malekula, Vanuatu

Meat and Bone Cannibalism

Until the early XNUMXth century, man-eaters still feasted on the Vanuatu archipelago. In the village of Botko we find out why European settlers were so afraid of the island of Malekula.
Burning prayers, Ohitaki Festival, fushimi temple, kyoto, japan
Ceremonies and Festivities
Kyoto, Japan

A Combustible Faith

During the Shinto celebration of Ohitaki, prayers inscribed on tablets by the Japanese faithful are gathered at the Fushimi temple. There, while being consumed by huge bonfires, her belief is renewed.
Dusk in Itzamna Park, Izamal, Mexico
Izamal, Mexico

The Holy, Yellow and Beautiful Mexican City

Until the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, Izamal was a center of worship for the supreme Mayan god Itzamná and Kinich Kakmó, the one of the sun. Gradually, the invaders razed the various pyramids of the natives. In its place, they built a large Franciscan convent and a prolific colonial houses, with the same solar tone in which the now Catholic city shines.
Obese resident of Tupola Tapaau, a small island in Western Samoa.
Tonga, Western Samoa, Polynesia

XXL Pacific

For centuries, the natives of the Polynesian islands subsisted on land and sea. Until the intrusion of colonial powers and the subsequent introduction of fatty pieces of meat, fast food and sugary drinks have spawned a plague of diabetes and obesity. Today, while much of Tonga's national GDP, Western Samoa and neighbors is wasted on these “western poisons”, fishermen barely manage to sell their fish.
Bolshoi Zayatski Orthodox Church, Solovetsky Islands, Russia.
Bolshoi Zayatsky, Russia

Mysterious Russian Babylons

A set of prehistoric spiral labyrinths made of stones decorate Bolshoi Zayatsky Island, part of the Solovetsky archipelago. Devoid of explanations as to when they were erected or what it meant, the inhabitants of these northern reaches of Europe call them vavilons.

Man: an Ever Tested Species

It's in our genes. For the pleasure of participating, for titles, honor or money, competitions give meaning to the world. Some are more eccentric than others.
Erika Mother

The Philippine Road Lords

With the end of World War II, the Filipinos transformed thousands of abandoned American jeeps and created the national transportation system. Today, the exuberant jeepneys are for the curves.
Jumping forward, Pentecost Naghol, Bungee Jumping, Vanuatu
Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

Pentecost Naghol: Bungee Jumping for Real Men

In 1995, the people of Pentecostes threatened to sue extreme sports companies for stealing the Naghol ritual. In terms of audacity, the elastic imitation falls far short of the original.
ice tunnel, black gold route, Valdez, Alaska, USA
Got2Globe Photo Portfolio
Got2Globe Portfolio

Sensations vs Impressions

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, Travel Korea, Color Maneuvers
Alone, South Korea

A Glimpse of Medieval Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace stands guarded by guardians in silken robes. Together they form a symbol of South Korean identity. Without waiting for it, we ended up finding ourselves in the imperial era of these Asian places.
Moorea aerial view
Moorea, French Polynesia

The Polynesian Sister Any Island Would Like to Have

A mere 17km from Tahiti, Moorea does not have a single city and is home to a tenth of its inhabitants. Tahitians have long watched the sun go down and transform the island next door into a misty silhouette, only to return to its exuberant colors and shapes hours later. For those who visit these remote parts of the Pacific, getting to know Moorea is a double privilege.
Horses under a snow, Iceland Never Ending Snow Island Fire
Winter White
Husavik a Myvatn, Iceland

Endless Snow on the Island of Fire

When, in mid-May, Iceland already enjoys some sun warmth but the cold and snow persist, the inhabitants give in to an intriguing summer anxiety.
Lake Manyara, National Park, Ernest Hemingway, Giraffes
Lake Manyara NP, Tanzania

Hemingway's Favorite Africa

Situated on the western edge of the Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park is one of the smallest but charming and richest in Europe. wild life of Tanzania. In 1933, between hunting and literary discussions, Ernest Hemingway dedicated a month of his troubled life to him. He narrated those adventurous safari days in “The Green Hills of Africa".
São Nicolau, Cape Verde

Photography of Nha Terra São Nicolau

The voice of the late Cesária Verde crystallized the feeling of Cape Verdeans who were forced to leave their island. who visits São Nicolau or, wherever it may be, admires images that illustrate it well, understands why its people proudly and forever call it their land.
Mother Armenia Statue, Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia

A Capital between East and West

Heiress of the Soviet civilization, aligned with the great Russia, Armenia allows itself to be seduced by the most democratic and sophisticated ways of Western Europe. In recent times, the two worlds have collided in the streets of your capital. From popular and political dispute, Yerevan will dictate the new course of the nation.
Natural Parks
Nelson to Wharariki, Abel Tasman NP, New Zealand

The Maori coastline on which Europeans landed

Abel Janszoon Tasman explored more of the newly mapped and mythical "Terra australis" when a mistake soured the contact with natives of an unknown island. The episode inaugurated the colonial history of the New Zealand. Today, both the divine coast on which the episode took place and the surrounding seas evoke the Dutch navigator.
Composition on Nine Arches Bridge, Ella, Sri Lanka
UNESCO World Heritage
Yala NPElla-Kandy, Sri Lanka

Journey Through Sri Lanka's Tea Core

We leave the seafront of PN Yala towards Ella. On the way to Nanu Oya, we wind on rails through the jungle, among plantations in the famous Ceylon. Three hours later, again by car, we enter Kandy, the Buddhist capital that the Portuguese never managed to dominate.
Zorro's mask on display at a dinner at the Pousada Hacienda del Hidalgo, El Fuerte, Sinaloa, Mexico
El Fuerte, Sinaloa, Mexico

Zorro's Cradle

El Fuerte is a colonial city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. In its history, the birth of Don Diego de La Vega will be recorded, it is said that in a mansion in the town. In his fight against the injustices of the Spanish yoke, Don Diego transformed himself into an elusive masked man. In El Fuerte, the legendary “El Zorro” will always take place.
Baie d'Oro, Île des Pins, New Caledonia
Île-des-Pins, New Caledonia

The Island that Leaned against Paradise

In 1964, Katsura Morimura delighted the Japan with a turquoise novel set in Ouvéa. But the neighboring Île-des-Pins has taken over the title "The Nearest Island to Paradise" and thrills its visitors.
Fort São Filipe, Cidade Velha, Santiago Island, Cape Verde
Cidade Velha, Cape Verde

Cidade Velha: the Ancient of the Tropico-Colonial Cities

It was the first settlement founded by Europeans below the Tropic of Cancer. In crucial times for Portuguese expansion to Africa and South America and for the slave trade that accompanied it, Cidade Velha became a poignant but unavoidable legacy of Cape Verdean origins.

On Rails
On Rails

Train Travel: The World Best on Rails

No way to travel is as repetitive and enriching as going on rails. Climb aboard these disparate carriages and trains and enjoy the best scenery in the world on Rails.
emperor akihito waves, emperor without empire, tokyo, japan
Tokyo, Japan

The Emperor Without Empire

After the capitulation in World War II, Japan underwent a constitution that ended one of the longest empires in history. The Japanese emperor is, today, the only monarch to reign without empire.
herd, foot-and-mouth disease, weak meat, colonia pellegrini, argentina
Daily life
Colónia Pellegrini, Argentina

When the Meat is Weak

The unmistakable flavor of Argentine beef is well known. But this wealth is more vulnerable than you think. The threat of foot-and-mouth disease, in particular, keeps authorities and growers afloat.
Ross Bridge, Tasmania, Australia
Discovering tassie, Part 3, Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania from Top to Bottom

The favorite victim of Australian anecdotes has long been the Tasmania never lost the pride in the way aussie ruder to be. Tassie remains shrouded in mystery and mysticism in a kind of hindquarters of the antipodes. In this article, we narrate the peculiar route from Hobart, the capital located in the unlikely south of the island to the north coast, the turn to the Australian continent.
Napali Coast and Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Hawaii Wrinkles
Scenic Flights
napali coast, Hawaii

Hawaii's Dazzling Wrinkles

Kauai is the greenest and rainiest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It is also the oldest. As we explore its Napalo Coast by land, sea and air, we are amazed to see how the passage of millennia has only favored it.