Kyoto, Japan

Survival: The Last Geisha Art

Red light
Lampião garrido marks one of the many bars and restaurants in Ponto cho, Kyoto's most renowned nightlife district.
Kikuno the last geisha from Nara, Japan
Exhibition of Kikuno, the last geisha of Nara.
Geisha in Kyoto, Japan
Geisha walks through a narrow alley in Kyoto.
haughty Maiko
Friends dressed as maiko gather in the shade of a tree in the Hanami-koji neighborhood.
Kimono mannequin "receives" customers at the entrance of a restaurant full of other mannequins in Kyoto.
Geisha in Pontocho
Geisha walks through an alley in the Pontocho neighborhood.
Script "maiko"
Friends dressed as "maiko" stroll along a traditional Kyoto street.
walk through history
Maikos stroll through the traditional streets of Hanami-koji and Shinmonzen-dori, wearing their kimonos with their backs armed.
Geisha Shadow Kikuno, Nara, Japan
Kikuno's shadow, during a show by the last geisha of Nara
geisha company
Two maikos walk down an alleyway from Gio, the geisha core of Kyoto.
Maikos pretending
Kyoto visitors dressed as maikos.
Geisha Kikuno in Nara, Japan
Kikuno assumes one of the poses that geishas refine as a form of sensuality.
Promo Kimono
Gion store window with several kimonos on sale.
Under the lights of Ponto cho
Passersby traverse the narrow alley of Ponto cho, a privileged territory for the geisha of Kyoto.
Maikos back to pretend
Visitors dressed in maikos stroll through the historic center of Kyoto.
geisha pose
Geisha in Ponto-Cho, the most emblematic alley of geisha art in Kyoto.
There have been almost 100 but times have changed and geishas are on the brink of extinction. Today, the few that remain are forced to give in to Japan's less subtle and elegant modernity.

The last light of day dissipates and the balloon lamps stand out and liven up the alley of Ponto-cho, which history has turned into the heart of Kyoto's nightlife.

At this hour, geisha from the city flock to the bars and restaurants prepared for the appointments they have scheduled. They appear without warning, with ghostly faces defying the dimness. And they disappear into small traditional ground-floor buildings identified by stylized kanji signs.

The Arts and Virtues of a Geisha

Out of respect for their ancient art and the many thousands of yen they earn, a patron cannot wait. But, as important as punctuality, every minute of company should be enjoyed as a special moment.

To guarantee this, a geisha (gei=art + sha=person) develops various skills. learn to play early cat (Japanese harp), declaiming poetry and prose, telling anecdotes, interpreting traditional Japanese songs and dances.

Geisha Gion, Gion, Geisha, Kyoto, Japan

Geisha walks through a narrow alley in Kyoto.

But, if these are superior attributes, also conversation, the way to serve tea or other drinks, the simple walk, laughter and, in certain situations, even crying, are expected to be graceful.

The geisha's cultural level is supposed to feed exquisite dialogues including about politics and art, but when the effects of sake and beer make themselves felt, the companions they cannot avoid flirting and erotic behavior.

Sex or Not Sex and Other Geisha Controversies

The issue of sex remains shrouded in mystery and controversy. The fact of being part of the functions or coming to happen is a reason for disagreement among geishas, ​​let alone among observers gaijin (foreigners) of Japanese culture. Some geisha and maiko (young people in apprenticeship) are offended by the simple innuendo.

This is the case of Ichimame, an apprentice who maintains a blog about her profession and for whom the film “Memoirs of a Geisha” proved to be abusive either because he involved Chinese actresses in Japanese culture, or because of the sexual component added to the narrative.

Susumu Harema, one of the managers of the teahouse that forms Ishigame, was also scandalized: “a geisha doesn't sleep with a customer” her job is just to entertain the clientele”.

Some admitted, however, that sex is unusual but not always out of the question and that certain clients would refuse to sponsor them if they were banned. Just go back in time for us to consider your version.

Tour of Maikos Gion, Gion, Geisha, Kyoto, Japan

Visitors dressed in maikos stroll through the historic center of Kyoto.

The Remote Japanese Origins of Geishas

At the end of the XNUMXth century, the odoriki, hired dancers who were hired by the more affluent samurai and feudal lords. A hundred years later, they were also selling sexual services.

Those who had ceased to be teenagers (and, as such, could not be considered odorikis) adopted other titles. The most popular was geisha, borrowed from male animators of the time.

The first woman who called herself this was Kikuya, a prostitute from Fukagawa. She did so around 1750, when she was already known as a gifted singer and shamisen player.

Maikos friends ride Gion, Gion, Geisha, Kyoto, Japan

Maikos stroll through the traditional streets of Hanami-koji and Shinmonzen-dori, wearing their kimonos with their backs armed.

As others began to use the title, many went on to work only as animators (not prostitutes), often in the same establishments as the men.

In 1800, being a geisha was already a female occupation (although there are still a few male geishas today) and they became far more desirable than the rival old-fashioned courtesans, the oirans.

However, Japanese authorities enacted laws that sought to consolidate the cultural status of geishas. It became mandatory that they tie the obi (band) on the back to make it difficult to remove the kimono.

And also the hairstyle and makeup became simpler than the oirans so that its beauty could be found in art and not in bodies.

Portrait of Geisha Gion, Gion, Geisha, Kyoto, Japan

Geisha in Ponto-Cho, the most emblematic alley of geisha art in Kyoto.

The Social Promotion provided by the Meiji Restoration

From the Meiji imperial restoration, the role of the geisha was gradually enhanced by Japanese masculine society. Around 1920, it reached a climax of importance.

But World War II destroyed that ascendant. As the miracle of economic recovery transformed Japan into the highly industrialized and technological nation of the last few decades, the number of geisha dwindled from 2 to a peak of 80.000.

His craft has become a true relic that, despite, survives behind so many doors and Tokyo and Kyoto rice paper walls.

Geisha in Gion, Gion, Geisha, Kyoto, Japan

Geisha walks through an alley in the Pontocho neighborhood.

In recent years, some Japanese businessmen have dedicated themselves to exploring the fascination of Japanese and foreigners for the strange profession.

gion has two hanamachis (geisha communities), Kobu and Higashi. these neighborhoods preserve the tradition with a solid foundation in the ancient architecture of the machiyas, the “old” houses of the city.

Its streets are the trustworthy environment that inspired a phenomenon of Japanese business creativity that is starting to make a splash.

Puntocho Street, Gion, Geisha, Kyoto, Japan

Passersby traverse the narrow alley of Ponto cho, a privileged territory for the geisha of Kyoto.

The Nippon Geisha Core of Gion in Kyoto

As we wander through the Gion neighborhood, we come across colorful and sophisticated studios that rent out costumes, characterization services, guides and photography to Japanese teenagers and gaijin.

Guided by Japanese perfectionism, his work is so faithful that almost only the natives detect the differences. Clients are grateful for their dedication and rejoice in their new image.

We find them protected from shyness in groups of friends and snuggled in extra-colored kimonos. They stroll white-faced along the perfect backdrops of Hanami-koji and Shinmonzen-dori streets, stiff in okobo-geta wooden sandals and proud of every step of their short life in geikos (another term for geisha).

Maikos pose in Gion, Gion, Geisha, Kyoto, Japan

Friends dressed as maiko gather in the shade of a tree in the Hanami-koji neighborhood.

As if they were the original characters, they are frequently followed and challenged by outsiders with cameras at the ready and by groups of students in uniform on their way to classes or home. We do not ask and follow their movements.

But these throwaway performances do not make up for the gradual disappearance of the real geisha.

The Inglorious Resistance of the Only Geisha of Nara

In Nara – another ancient Japanese capital – there is only one maiko. While countless native teenagers complain about the excessive traditionalism and civilizational backwardness of their city, Kikuwaka, the apprentice, has always been proud of the Japanese past.

Geixa during cultural show Maikos, Geisha, Nara, Japan

Kikuno assumes one of the poses that geishas refine as a form of sensuality.

At her mother's suggestion, she enrolled in Ganrin In, a kind of school that continues to teach the ancient arts required of geisha. In less time than expected, it became a unique and unavoidable attraction. But the absence of competition proved both an asset and a burden.

During a show that we watch in a cultural association that welcomes her again and again, her steps on the stage accompany the dramatic and minimal music.

They are as beautiful and sluggish as possible and the rest of the movements are paused, like the expressions that change smoothly, illuminated by the bright background of golden screens.

Maiko during cultural show-Nara, Maikos, Geisha, Nara, Japan

Exhibition of Kikuno, the last geisha of Nara.

When the performance ends, on the contrary, the geisha pretender leaves the installations at great speed. She's late for one of the four cultural engagements she's made for tonight.

Despite the stress to which she was sentenced, Kikukawa does not have the worst reasons to complain about her activity.

Adaptation to the Reality of Our Times

Japan has also been hit by the new economic crisis and fewer and fewer men dare to pay the huge fees charged by the minute for mama-san and charged by some geisha from Kyoto and Tokyo.

These had to improvise. They ignored age-old rules of the profession and became less exclusive, mysterious and stealthy.

Shadow maiko during cultural show in Nara, Geisha, Nara, Japan

Kikuno's shadow, during a show by the last geisha of Nara

From the turn of the millennium onwards, every year in February, several geishas serve 3000 people in an open-air tea ceremony held during the Festival of Plums in Blossom in the city of temples.

And in the summer of 2010, they started pouring out imperials and mugs and dancing in the beer garden of a local theatre. The evolution (or degradation) of your art will hardly stop there.

Miami, USA

A Masterpiece of Urban Rehabilitation

At the turn of the 25st century, the Wynwood neighbourhood remained filled with abandoned factories and warehouses and graffiti. Tony Goldman, a shrewd real estate investor, bought more than XNUMX properties and founded a mural park. Much more than honoring graffiti there, Goldman founded the Wynwood Arts District, the great bastion of creativity in Miami.
Kyoto, Japan

The Kyoto Temple Reborn from the Ashes

The Golden Pavilion has been spared destruction several times throughout history, including that of US-dropped bombs, but it did not withstand the mental disturbance of Hayashi Yoken. When we admired him, he looked like never before.
Miyajima, Japan

Shintoism and Buddhism with the Tide

Visitors to the Tori of Itsukushima admire one of the three most revered scenery in Japan. On the island of Miyajima, Japanese religiosity blends with Nature and is renewed with the flow of the Seto Inland Sea.
Takayama, Japan

From the Ancient Japan to the Medieval Hida

In three of its streets, Takayama retains traditional wooden architecture and concentrates old shops and sake producers. Around it, it approaches 100.000 inhabitants and surrenders to modernity.
Kyoto, Japan

An Almost Lost Millennial Japan

Kyoto was on the US atomic bomb target list and it was more than a whim of fate that preserved it. Saved by an American Secretary of War in love with its historical and cultural richness and oriental sumptuousness, the city was replaced at the last minute by Nagasaki in the atrocious sacrifice of the second nuclear cataclysm.
Osaka, Japan

In the Company of Mayu

Japanese nightlife is a multi-faceted, multi-billion business. In Osaka, an enigmatic couchsurfing hostess welcomes us, somewhere between the geisha and the luxury escort.
Jabula Beach, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Saint Lucia, South Africa

An Africa as Wild as Zulu

On the eminence of the coast of Mozambique, the province of KwaZulu-Natal is home to an unexpected South Africa. Deserted beaches full of dunes, vast estuarine swamps and hills covered with fog fill this wild land also bathed by the Indian Ocean. It is shared by the subjects of the always proud Zulu nation and one of the most prolific and diverse fauna on the African continent.
Muktinath to Kagbeni, Annapurna Circuit, Nepal, Kagbeni
Annapurna (circuit)
Annapurna Circuit 14th - Muktinath to Kagbeni, Nepal

On the Other Side of the Pass

After the demanding crossing of Thorong La, we recover in the cozy village of Muktinath. The next morning we proceed back to lower altitudes. On the way to the ancient kingdom of Upper Mustang and the village of Kagbeni that serves as its gateway.
Sheets of Bahia, Eternal Diamonds, Brazil
Architecture & Design
Sheets of Bahia, Brazil

Lençóis da Bahia: not Even Diamonds Are Forever

In the XNUMXth century, Lençóis became the world's largest supplier of diamonds. But the gem trade did not last as expected. Today, the colonial architecture that he inherited is his most precious possession.
Bungee jumping, Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, the Queen of Extreme Sports

In the century. XVIII, the Kiwi government proclaimed a mining village on the South Island "fit for a queen".Today's extreme scenery and activities reinforce the majestic status of ever-challenging Queenstown.
Ceremonies and Festivities
Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

Naghol: Bungee Jumping without Modern Touches

At Pentecost, in their late teens, young people launch themselves from a tower with only lianas tied to their ankles. Bungee cords and harnesses are inappropriate fussiness from initiation to adulthood.
Hué, Communist City, Imperial Vietnam, Imperial Communism
Hue, Vietnam

The Red Heritage of Imperial Vietnam

It suffered the worst hardships of the Vietnam War and was despised by the Vietcong due to the feudal past. The national-communist flags fly over its walls but Hué regains its splendor.
Margilan, Uzbekistan

An Uzbekistan's Breadwinner

In one of the many bakeries in Margilan, worn out by the intense heat of the tandyr oven, the baker Maruf'Jon works half-baked like the distinctive traditional breads sold throughout Uzbekistan
Tombola, street bingo-Campeche, Mexico
Campeche, Mexico

A Bingo so playful that you play with puppets

On Friday nights, a group of ladies occupy tables at Independencia Park and bet on trifles. The tiniest prizes come out to them in combinations of cats, hearts, comets, maracas and other icons.

Man: an Ever Tested Species

It's in our genes. For the pleasure of participating, for titles, honor or money, competitions give meaning to the world. Some are more eccentric than others.
View from John Ford Point, Monument Valley, Nacao Navajo, United States
Monument Valley, USA

Indians or Cowboys?

Iconic Western filmmakers like John Ford immortalized what is the largest Indian territory in the United States. Today, in the Navajo Nation, the Navajo also live in the shoes of their old enemies.
San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Zapatismo, Mexico, San Nicolau Cathedral
San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico

The Home Sweet Home of Mexican Social Conscience

Mayan, mestizo and Hispanic, Zapatista and tourist, country and cosmopolitan, San Cristobal has no hands to measure. In it, Mexican and expatriate backpacker visitors and political activists share a common ideological demand.
sunlight photography, sun, lights
Got2Globe Photo Portfolio
Natural Light (Part 2)

One Sun, So Many Lights

Most travel photos are taken in sunlight. Sunlight and weather form a capricious interaction. Learn how to predict, detect and use at its best.
Palace of Knossos, Crete, Greece
Iraklio, CreteGreece

From Minos to Minus

We arrived in Iraklio and, as far as big cities are concerned, Greece stops there. As for history and mythology, the capital of Crete branches without end. Minos, son of Europa, had both his palace and the labyrinth in which the minotaur closed. The Arabs, the Byzantines, the Venetians and the Ottomans passed through Iraklio. The Greeks who inhabit it fail to appreciate it.
Viewpoint Viewpoint, Alexander Selkirk, on Skin Robinson Crusoe, Chile
Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile

Alexander Selkirk: in the Skin of the True Robinson Crusoe

The main island of the Juan Fernández archipelago was home to pirates and treasures. His story was made up of adventures like that of Alexander Selkirk, the abandoned sailor who inspired Dafoe's novel
coast, fjord, Seydisfjordur, Iceland
Winter White
Seydisfjordur, Iceland

From the Art of Fishing to the Fishing of Art

When shipowners from Reykjavik bought the Seydisfjordur fishing fleet, the village had to adapt. Today, it captures Dieter Roth's art disciples and other bohemian and creative souls.
Lake Manyara, National Park, Ernest Hemingway, Giraffes
Lake Manyara NP, Tanzania

Hemingway's Favorite Africa

Situated on the western edge of the Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park is one of the smallest but charming and richest in Europe. wild life of Tanzania. In 1933, between hunting and literary discussions, Ernest Hemingway dedicated a month of his troubled life to him. He narrated those adventurous safari days in “The Green Hills of Africa".
Walvis Bay, Namibia, bay, dunes
Walvis Bay, Namíbia

The Outstanding Shoreline of Walvis Bay

From Namibia's largest coastal city to the edge of the Namib Desert of Sandwich Harbour, there is an unrivaled domain of ocean, dunes, fog and wildlife. Since 1790, the fruitful Walvis Bay has been its gateway.
Mother Armenia Statue, Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia

A Capital between East and West

Heiress of the Soviet civilization, aligned with the great Russia, Armenia allows itself to be seduced by the most democratic and sophisticated ways of Western Europe. In recent times, the two worlds have collided in the streets of your capital. From popular and political dispute, Yerevan will dictate the new course of the nation.
Cahuita, Costa Rica, Caribbean, beach
Natural Parks
Cahuita, Costa Rica

An Adult Return to Cahuita

During a backpacking tour of Costa Rica in 2003, the Caribbean warmth of Cahuita delights us. In 2021, after 18 years, we return. In addition to an expected, but contained modernization and hispanization of the town, little else had changed.
UNESCO World Heritage
Boat Trips

For Those Becoming Internet Sick

Hop on and let yourself go on unmissable boat trips like the Philippine archipelago of Bacuit and the frozen sea of ​​the Finnish Gulf of Bothnia.
Era Susi towed by dog, Oulanka, Finland
PN Oulanka, Finland

A Slightly Lonesome Wolf

Jukka “Era-Susi” Nordman has created one of the largest packs of sled dogs in the world. He became one of Finland's most iconic characters but remains faithful to his nickname: Wilderness Wolf.
Lifou, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia, Mme Moline popinée
LifouLoyalty Islands

The Greatest of the Loyalties

Lifou is the island in the middle of the three that make up the semi-francophone archipelago off New Caledonia. In time, the Kanak natives will decide if they want their paradise independent of the distant metropolis.
Composition on Nine Arches Bridge, Ella, Sri Lanka
Yala NPElla-Kandy, Sri Lanka

Journey Through Sri Lanka's Tea Core

We leave the seafront of PN Yala towards Ella. On the way to Nanu Oya, we wind on rails through the jungle, among plantations in the famous Ceylon. Three hours later, again by car, we enter Kandy, the Buddhist capital that the Portuguese never managed to dominate.
The Toy Train story
On Rails
Siliguri a Darjeeling, India

The Himalayan Toy Train Still Running

Neither the steep slope of some stretches nor the modernity stop it. From Siliguri, in the tropical foothills of the great Asian mountain range, the Darjeeling, with its peaks in sight, the most famous of the Indian Toy Trains has ensured for 117 years, day after day, an arduous dream journey. Traveling through the area, we climb aboard and let ourselves be enchanted.
Kogi, PN Tayrona, Guardians of the World, Colombia
PN Tayrona, Colombia

Who Protects the Guardians of the World?

The natives of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta believe that their mission is to save the Cosmos from the “Younger Brothers”, which are us. But the real question seems to be, "Who protects them?"
Casario, uptown, Fianarantsoa, ​​Madagascar
Daily life
Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

The Malagasy City of Good Education

Fianarantsoa was founded in 1831 by Ranavalona Iª, a queen of the then predominant Merina ethnic group. Ranavalona Iª was seen by European contemporaries as isolationist, tyrant and cruel. The monarch's reputation aside, when we enter it, its old southern capital remains as the academic, intellectual and religious center of Madagascar.
Jeep crosses Damaraland, Namibia
Damaraland, Namíbia

Namibia On the Rocks

Hundreds of kilometers north of Swakopmund, many more of Swakopmund's iconic dunes Sossuvlei, Damaraland is home to deserts interspersed with hills of reddish rock, the highest mountain and ancient rock art of the young nation. the settlers South Africans they named this region after the Damara, one of the Namibian ethnic groups. Only these and other inhabitants prove that it remains on Earth.
Passengers, scenic flights-Southern Alps, New Zealand
Scenic Flights
Aoraki / Mount Cook, New Zealand

The Aeronautical Conquest of the Southern Alps

In 1955, pilot Harry Wigley created a system for taking off and landing on asphalt or snow. Since then, his company has unveiled, from the air, some of the greatest scenery in Oceania.