Dead Sea, Israel

Afloat, in the Depths of the Earth

It is the lowest place on the surface of the planet and the scene of several biblical narratives. But the Dead Sea is also special because of the concentration of salt that makes life unfeasible but sustains those who bathe in it.

The place was proving epic.

It occurs to us that he deserved a proper appreciation of the heights.

Since the hotel's balcony cut back our view, we decided to repeat the usual procedures while traveling. Check how the access to the top of that almost industrial building would be.

The elevator takes us to the next floor, not the last one.

We moved to the emergency stairs we climbed until we found the last door to the terrace which we tested with a kind of defeatist curiosity. As a rule, hotels are barred from these passages and requests for authorization result in long bureaucratic processes or in outright denials.

It is, therefore, with great astonishment that we see the door open without any problem. We weave through structural obstacles, poorly stored furniture and other construction objects until we reach the east side and are treated to the panoramic view we wanted.

Down and forward stretched the vast Dead Sea, as inert as it was lush, dispersed in shades of blue and emerald green that not even the fog caused by the strong evaporation could make it go away.

Dead Sea, Surface of Water, Lower Land, Israel, coast

View of a bluish sector of the Dead Sea, long in retreat compared to size and a few decades ago.

To contain it, mountainous shores of dusty earth overflown by flocks of black crows supported by the rising currents generated by the heat on the surface were imposed.

We are tens of meters above the 423 below sea level at which the strange geological phenomenon is located. Despite the late hour, the thermometer still reads 38º and dozens of bathers float in it in absolute delight.

We soon returned to the ground. Joining those resistant.

Dead Sea, Surface of Water, Lower Land, Israel, conviviality

Group of friends chat in a more secluded area of ​​the Dead Sea.

The Complexity of Bathing at the Dead Sea

We entered the hyper salty water without any major issues except for an excruciating burning in the sores on the knees resulting from any carelessness of the previous days.

The horizontal adaptation to the environment, on the other hand, proves complicated, which is why hotels install structures with steps and handrails that allow bathers to enter slowly and without incident.

Bathers socialize around the bathing structure of one of the hotels on the shores of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea has nearly ten times more salt (33,7% or 1.240g per liter) than the oceans and is averse to normal body sinking.

With this same exaggerated concentration of the substance, he punished us with a new afflicting ardor every time we splashed our eyes as we ventured out with simple-to-perform swims and movements.

We can see, from the punishments of the practice, why the most popular image of leisure in this capricious liquid is that of someone completely immobile, reading a newspaper.

Dead Sea, Surface of Water, Lower Land, Israel, floating reading

Bather reads an Israeli newspaper floating on water with huge concentration of salt.

However, Oded, the Israeli guide who led us through Israel, appears. He has fun listening to the complaints we present him.

“Well, this is very common for those who come here for the first time.”, he answers. “But look, I know much worse things. A few years ago, a German who was riding in a car with friends stopped at the edge of the bank in a desolate area and decided to send a dive from the top of a rock.

Believe it or not, he ended up in the hospital and ended up dying.”

Despite the inconsistency with its name, which portrays the fact that it does not harbor any permanent life form – in fact it is home to 11 different species of bacteria – the Dead Sea is also moribund.

Dead Sea: Shrinking the Lowest Place to the Earth's Surface

It was once one of the five most renowned therapeutic resorts in the world, at a time when King Herod, who built the fortress of Masada Nearby.

The future King David, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, among other biblical characters, also retired to its banks, or to the adjacent mountains and caves.

At that time, the Salt Sea, as it was known, maintained its original dimensions. More recently, water from the Jordan River that feeds it has been blocked by the construction of dams, reservoirs and thus continuously diverted by Israel, Jordan and Syria for direct consumption, agricultural and other purposes.

As a result, the surface that reached 395 m below sea level in 1970, reached 418 m in 2006, and continued to decrease at a worrying rate of almost 1 meter per year, 30% in 30 years.

This shrinkage caused its division into two distinct bodies: there is currently a northern basin that is three times larger and 400 m deeper than the south, this one separated by the Lashon peninsula originating on the Jordan bank.

The last basin – the one in which we bathed – does not exceed 6 meters and has an even greater concentration of salt, which justifies the appearance of enigmatic crystal formations in the style of icebergs.

Dead Sea, Water Surface, Lowest Earth, Israel, Float at 2

Couple buoys without difficulty in the salt-laden water of the Dead Sea, with Jordan on the opposite bank.

The Dead Sea Geological Traps

It is said, in a witty way, that the Dead Sea has developed its forms of revenge and the truth is that the Israeli authorities must strive to prevent their visitors from being victims.

As we travel along Highway 90 – the deepest road in the world – we see a succession of eccentric warnings that warn of the danger of sinkholes.

As the water recedes, it leaves behind brine deposits that are dissolved by fresh surface water and rain which, although rare, can be tasted diluvian.

Gradually, the process gave rise to thousands of camouflaged holes, geological traps into which, from time to time, tourists fall.

Luckily and with some care, such disgrace never happens to us.

Ein Gedi's Therapeutic Ritual of the Mud

On another day of exploration, we decided to stop at the Ein Gedi spa, sought after for the nourishing properties of the mud that makes up the seabed there or, we are more inclined to believe, for the strange fun of being able to cover and show off the body with them.

Oded refuses to accompany us. “I did it once and I'm not getting into another one! “ Reassures us. On the contrary, a group of American students make the most of the experience and share among themselves the visual results achieved:

“You're awesome Ken! I already saw zombies better looking, believe me”.

Dead Sea, Water Surface, Lower Land, Israel, mud refinishing

Man covers himself in clay from the shores of the Dead Sea, allegedly therapeutic for the skin.

We don't even try to resist the ceremony.

We smeared ourselves with the black mortar and headed with dozens of similar creatures, cooking under the cruel sun that keeps the Negev Desert dry, to the stop of the small train that would take us to the beach, like the rest of the sea, much lower than a while ago.

There, we divided the time between bathing and restoring the coverage we had arrived with.

There is no evidence that any of the biblical characters who passed through the Dead Sea ever made such preparations.

Or this will be missing from the extraordinary discovery that came to reveal a substantial part of the life and history of the Jewish people in the region.

Dead Sea, Surface of Water, Lower Land, Israel, rest

Lady buoys in the Dead Sea in clothes not suitable for the bathing moment.

The Historical Scrolls of the Dead Sea

In 1947, a young Bedouin herder was looking for a stray goat when he spotted and unearthed clay jars lying in a cave at the top of a cliff, near Qumran, a village farther north of Ein Gedi, on the west bank.

Later archaeological work uncovered scrolls that included books from the Old Testament, the apocryphal books, and other unpublished texts.

They also found that the cave was part of a settlement of the Essenes, a refractory Jewish sect that believed itself to be the chosen people of Israel and that had moved to the Negev desert around 150 BC to protect itself from the decay it considered to be raging among the remaining Jews.

Dead Sea, Surface of water, Lower Earth, Israel, Till the end of the day

Bathers stay in the warm water of the Dead Sea, towards nightfall.

It will be a complex task to find out, these days, the reason for this sect.

To prove the theories of archaeologists and other scholars who argue that Sodom and Gomorrah were situated by the Dead Sea, had the Essenes existed there a few centuries before, they would have had much more cause for complaint.

Saint John of Acre, Israel

The Fortress That Withstood Everything

It was a frequent target of the Crusades and taken over and over again. Today, Israeli, Acre is shared by Arabs and Jews. He lives much more peaceful and stable times than the ones he went through.
Tsfat (Safed), Israel

When the Kabbalah is a Victim of Itself

In the 50s, Tsfat brought together the artistic life of the young Israeli nation and regained its secular mystique. But famous converts like Madonna have come to disturb the most elemental Kabbalist discretion.
Jaffa, Israel

Where Tel Aviv Settles Always in Party

Tel Aviv is famous for the most intense night in the Middle East. But, if its youngsters are having fun until exhaustion in the clubs along the Mediterranean, it is more and more in the nearby Old Jaffa that they tie the knot.
Massada, Israel

Massada: The Ultimate Jewish Fortress

In AD 73, after months of siege, a Roman legion found that the resisters at the top of Masada had committed suicide. Once again Jewish, this fortress is now the supreme symbol of Zionist determination
Jaffa, Israel

Unorthodox protests

A building in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, threatened to desecrate what ultra-Orthodox Jews thought were remnants of their ancestors. And even the revelation that they were pagan tombs did not deter them from the contestation.
Mount Sinai, Egypt

Strength in the Legs, Faith in God

Moses received the Ten Commandments on the summit of Mount Sinai and revealed them to the people of Israel. Today, hundreds of pilgrims climb, every night, the 4000 steps of that painful but mystical ascent.
Jerusalem, Israel

Closer to God

Three thousand years of history as mystical as it is troubled come to life in Jerusalem. Worshiped by Christians, Jews and Muslims, this city radiates controversy but attracts believers from all over the world.
Jerusalem, Israel

Through the Belicious Streets of Via Dolorosa

In Jerusalem, while traveling the Via Dolorosa, the most sensitive believers realize how difficult the peace of the Lord is to achieve in the most disputed streets on the face of the earth.
Jerusalem, Israel

A Festive Wailing Wall

The holiest place in Judaism is not only attended by prayers and prayers. Its ancient stones have witnessed the oath of new IDF recruits for decades and echo the euphoric screams that follow.
Holy Sepulcher Basilica, Jerusalem, Israel

The Supreme Temple of the Old Christian Churches

It was built by Emperor Constantine, on the site of Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection and an ancient temple of Venus. In its genesis, a Byzantine work, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher is, today, shared and disputed by various Christian denominations as the great unifying building of Christianity.
Lion, Elephants, PN Hwange, Zimbabwe
PN Hwange, Zimbabwe

The Legacy of the Late Cecil Lion

On July 1, 2015, Walter Palmer, a dentist and trophy hunter from Minnesota killed Cecil, Zimbabwe's most famous lion. The slaughter generated a viral wave of outrage. As we saw in PN Hwange, nearly two years later, Cecil's descendants thrive.
Braga or Braka or Brakra in Nepal
Annapurna (circuit)
Annapurna Circuit: 6th – Braga, Nepal

The Ancient Nepal of Braga

Four days of walking later, we slept at 3.519 meters from Braga (Braka). Upon arrival, only the name is familiar to us. Faced with the mystical charm of the town, arranged around one of the oldest and most revered Buddhist monasteries on the Annapurna circuit, we continued our journey there. acclimatization with ascent to Ice Lake (4620m).
Sheets of Bahia, Eternal Diamonds, Brazil
Architecture & Design
Sheets of Bahia, Brazil

Lençóis da Bahia: not Even Diamonds Are Forever

In the XNUMXth century, Lençóis became the world's largest supplier of diamonds. But the gem trade did not last as expected. Today, the colonial architecture that he inherited is his most precious possession.
lagoons and fumaroles, volcanoes, PN tongariro, new zealand
Tongariro, New Zealand

The Volcanoes of All Discords

In the late XNUMXth century, an indigenous chief ceded the PN Tongariro volcanoes to the British crown. Today, a significant part of the Maori people claim their mountains of fire from European settlers.
orthodox procession
Ceremonies and Festivities
Suzdal, Russia

Centuries of Devotion to a Devoted Monk

Euthymius was a fourteenth-century Russian ascetic who gave himself body and soul to God. His faith inspired Suzdal's religiosity. The city's believers worship him as the saint he has become.
St. Augustine, City of Florida, USA, the Bridge of Lions
Saint Augustine, Florida, USA

Back to the Beginnings of Hispanic Florida

The dissemination of tourist attractions of questionable taste becomes superficial if we take into account the historical depth in question. This is the longest inhabited city in the contiguous US. Ever since Spanish explorers founded it in 1565, St. Augustine resists almost anything.
Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

The Fish Market That Lost its Freshness

In a year, each Japanese eats more than their weight in fish and shellfish. Since 1935, a considerable part was processed and sold in the largest fish market in the world. Tsukiji was terminated in October 2018, and replaced by Toyosu's.
Treasures, Las Vegas, Nevada, City of Sin and Forgiveness
Las Vegas, USA

Where sin is always forgiven

Projected from the Mojave Desert like a neon mirage, the North American capital of gaming and entertainment is experienced as a gamble in the dark. Lush and addictive, Vegas neither learns nor regrets.
combat arbiter, cockfighting, philippines

When Only Cock Fights Wake Up the Philippines

Banned in much of the First World, cockfighting thrives in the Philippines where they move millions of people and pesos. Despite its eternal problems, it is the sabong that most stimulates the nation.
Seljalandsfoss Escape

The Island of Fire, Ice and Waterfalls

Europe's supreme cascade rushes into Iceland. But it's not the only one. On this boreal island, with constant rain or snow and in the midst of battle between volcanoes and glaciers, endless torrents crash.
Male Maldives

The Maldives For Real

Seen from the air, Malé, the capital of the Maldives, looks little more than a sample of a crammed island. Those who visit it will not find lying coconut trees, dream beaches, spas or infinite pools. Be dazzled by the genuine Maldivian everyday life that tourist brochures omit.
Rainbow in the Grand Canyon, an example of prodigious photographic light
Got2Globe Photo Portfolio
Natural Light (Part 1)

And Light was made on Earth. Know how to use it.

The theme of light in photography is inexhaustible. In this article, we give you some basic notions about your behavior, to start with, just and only in terms of geolocation, the time of day and the time of year.
Ross Bridge, Tasmania, Australia
Discovering tassie, Part 3, Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania from Top to Bottom

The favorite victim of Australian anecdotes has long been the Tasmania never lost the pride in the way aussie ruder to be. Tassie remains shrouded in mystery and mysticism in a kind of hindquarters of the antipodes. In this article, we narrate the peculiar route from Hobart, the capital located in the unlikely south of the island to the north coast, the turn to the Australian continent.
Cuada village, Flores Island, Azores, rainbow quarter
Aldeia da Cuada, Flores Island, Azores

The Azorean Eden Betrayed by the Other Side of the Sea

Cuada was founded, it is estimated that in 1676, next to the west threshold of Flores. In the XNUMXth century, its residents joined the great Azorean stampede to the Americas. They left behind a village as stunning as the island and the Azores.
Era Susi towed by dog, Oulanka, Finland
Winter White
PN Oulanka, Finland

A Slightly Lonesome Wolf

Jukka “Era-Susi” Nordman has created one of the largest packs of sled dogs in the world. He became one of Finland's most iconic characters but remains faithful to his nickname: Wilderness Wolf.
Couple visiting Mikhaylovskoe, village where writer Alexander Pushkin had a home
Saint Petersburg e Mikhaylovkoe, Russia

The Writer Who Succumbed to His Own Plot

Alexander Pushkin is hailed by many as the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature. But Pushkin also dictated an almost tragicomic epilogue to his prolific life.
ice tunnel, black gold route, Valdez, Alaska, USA
Valdez, Alaska

On the Black Gold Route

In 1989, the Exxon Valdez oil tanker caused a massive environmental disaster. The vessel stopped plying the seas, but the victim city that gave it its name continues on the path of crude oil from the Arctic Ocean.
Sheki, Autumn in the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Autumn Homes
Sheki, Azerbaijan

autumn in the caucasus

Lost among the snowy mountains that separate Europe from Asia, Sheki is one of Azerbaijan's most iconic towns. Its largely silky history includes periods of great harshness. When we visited it, autumn pastels added color to a peculiar post-Soviet and Muslim life.
Argentinean flag on the Perito Moreno-Argentina lake-glacier
Natural Parks
Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

The Resisting Glacier

Warming is supposedly global, but not everywhere. In Patagonia, some rivers of ice resist. From time to time, the advance of the Perito Moreno causes landslides that bring Argentina to a halt.
St. Trinity Church, Kazbegi, Georgia, Caucasus
UNESCO World Heritage
Kazbegi, Georgia

God in the Caucasus Heights

In the 4000th century, Orthodox religious took their inspiration from a hermitage that a monk had erected at an altitude of 5047 m and perched a church between the summit of Mount Kazbek (XNUMXm) and the village at the foot. More and more visitors flock to these mystical stops on the edge of Russia. Like them, to get there, we submit to the whims of the reckless Georgia Military Road.
now from above ladder, sorcerer of new zealand, Christchurch, new zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand's Cursed Wizard

Despite his notoriety in the antipodes, Ian Channell, the New Zealand sorcerer, failed to predict or prevent several earthquakes that struck Christchurch. At the age of 88, after 23 years of contract with the city, he made very controversial statements and ended up fired.
Goa, India

To Goa, Quickly and in Strength

A sudden longing for Indo-Portuguese tropical heritage makes us travel in various transports but almost non-stop, from Lisbon to the famous Anjuna beach. Only there, at great cost, were we able to rest.
Ice cream, Moriones Festival, Marinduque, Philippines
Marinduque, Philippines

When the Romans Invade the Philippines

Even the Eastern Empire didn't get that far. In Holy Week, thousands of centurions seize Marinduque. There, the last days of Longinus, a legionary converted to Christianity, are re-enacted.
Train Fianarantsoa to Manakara, Malagasy TGV, locomotive
On Rails
Fianarantsoa-Manakara, Madagascar

On board the Malagasy TGV

We depart Fianarantsoa at 7a.m. It wasn't until 3am the following morning that we completed the 170km to Manakara. The natives call this almost secular train Train Great Vibrations. During the long journey, we felt, very strongly, those of the heart of Madagascar.
View of Fa Island, Tonga, Last Polynesian Monarchy
Tongatapu, Tonga

The Last Polynesian Monarchy

From New Zealand to Easter Island and Hawaii, no other monarchy has resisted the arrival of European discoverers and modernity. For Tonga, for several decades, the challenge was to resist the monarchy.
herd, foot-and-mouth disease, weak meat, colonia pellegrini, argentina
Daily life
Colónia Pellegrini, Argentina

When the Meat is Weak

The unmistakable flavor of Argentine beef is well known. But this wealth is more vulnerable than you think. The threat of foot-and-mouth disease, in particular, keeps authorities and growers afloat.
Crocodiles, Queensland Tropical Australia Wild
Cairns to Cape Tribulation, Australia

Tropical Queensland: An Australia Too Wild

Cyclones and floods are just the meteorological expression of Queensland's tropical harshness. When it's not the weather, it's the deadly fauna of the region that keeps its inhabitants on their toes.
The Sounds, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
Scenic Flights
Fiordland, New Zealand

The Fjords of the Antipodes

A geological quirk made the Fiordland region the rawest and most imposing in New Zealand. Year after year, many thousands of visitors worship the sub-domain slashed between Te Anau and Milford Sound.